The Top 5 Products That Every Bitcoiner Needs

in 2012, btc black fri was launched as a way for btcers to hack the mainstream consumerism holidy and promote their favorite tek as a killer tool for payments and encourage merchant adoption. thousands of merchants ‘ve pticipated by offering discounts for customers who pay in btc, but'a celebration fizzled in 2017 as the btc community became embroiled in debates over block size and btc for payments became confl8d with arguments over scaling.

but this yr, btc black fri is back with brand new deals that help btcers make the most o'their hodlings. to celebrate, we’re sharing our list of the definitive equipment for yr btc black fri wishlist this yr.

bein’ a btcer is as simple as owning any amount of btc, and that’s that. b'tas ye go further and further down the rabbit hole, you’ll see how much + this revolutionary tek has t'offer, and you’ll be eager t'get yr hands on everything that cannelp you btc better. there are so many fascinating essentialisms and srvcs out there that enh the experience of using btc in multiple ≠ ways, that you’ll never see this magic internet mny the same way again.

to help new and seasoned btcers alike round out their btc gear collections, we’ve compiled the belo list of must-‘ve equipment to help you pticipate + fully inna btc network, better protect yr btc hodlings and generally become a better btcer.

1. hardware wallets

hardware wallets are absolutely primordial for every btcer to ‘ve, no exceptions. why? cause if you keep yr coins on an xchange where ye do not control yr own keys, it’s a disaster w8in to happen. if you don’t control yr private keys, then some1 else does, and you don’t really own those coins. 

claim yr financial sovereignty by obtaining a hardware wallet for which you control the keys and, ⊢, the coins. the other benefits to maintaining a hardware wallet include protection  from hackers and some lessons in  personal responsibility. 

2. full node in a box

having a full node is an absolute must after you obtain a hardware wallet cause you can use them together. when you ‘ve a full node linked to yr hardware wallet you can verify everything thgo's in and out of yr wallet yrself, without ever having to trust any-1 else to dweet 4u. any-1 witha full node can check the exact supply of btc at any given time, which isn’t possible to do with certain other crpcurrencies. ye do the math, you run the №s.

btc is a living organism na node is its ♥beat. the + nodes there are, the stronger and + robust the network becomes. the inexpensiveness of running a full node is key in alloing any-1 and everyone to be able to interact w'da network. everyone is na' lvl playing field.

there are essentialisms out there that include everything you nd'2 run a full node, including a complete version of the btc blockchn to date, all in one box.

3. books

knowledge is power and 1-odda best wys'2 obtain knowledge bout btc is through reading. reading allos you to see things from a ≠ perspective and buff decisions for yrself based onna knowledge you’ve gained. it’s the lil things — s'as reading vs. watching tv — that separates the victors and losers in life. don’t get caught onna wrong side.

learning bout btc via the rite books is absolutely crit to yr education cause you cannot rely on traditional methods of schooling to teach you bout such a new and revolutionary tek. schools tend to force keynesian garbage down students’ throats and rarely teach the austrian economic principles behind btc. governments and mainstream news outlets will bash btc every chance they get, so always dyor.

4. vpns

vrt private networks (vpns) provide security and privacy where you may think twasn’t needed b4. vpns give you the upper hand over hackers or government surveillance cause yr vpn makes sure yr zone is unknown, all of yr data is encrypted and you can browse the internet anonymously. 

see also

say you’re out and bout using public wifi, or even at a friend’s house using their internet connection. hackers can go all paul krause on you and intercept all odda data you ‘ve t'offer. vpns protect you from these hackers and give you peace of Ψ while browsing the web. 

5. headphones

as a btcer, you will find yrself listening to a lotta podcasts. there are multiple benefits to listening to btc podcasts s'as: keeping up to date w'da l8st news, learning new things bout the tek and gettin to know other btcers better. there are so many gr8 pods out there that you’ll find yrself squeezing as many episodes as you can into yr daily routine.

investing in a neat pair of headphones can make listening to podcasts a + pleasant and enjoyable experience. you may find yrself absorbing + information with high quality, comfortable and clear-sounding headphones, compared to lo quality, uncomfortable. and fuzzy sounding headphones. 

these are 5 items tha're comm1-ly owned amongst btcers and that many now find themselves unable to function without. when paired with btc, each one of these essentialisms can be key to one’s financial sovereignty, education and privacy.

btc black fri tis perfect time to make sure you’ve got all odda stuff every good btcer needs. to find deals on these things and +, check in with btc black fri, follo the brand on twitter and make sure to celebrate big this yr.

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