Kanye West Has Spent Nearly $7 Million on Self-Funded Presidential Campaign

kanye west’s presidential bid has cost the rapper nearly $7 million, a recent filing to the federal election commission reveals.

while west’s birthdy pty initially missed an fec deadline, his self-funded campaign has since made its spending public, with west himself loaning $6.8 million to cover expenses from jul 15th to aug 31st. the rapper has also received a total of just $11,000 in contributions to his kanye 2020 campaign.

according to politico, the vast majority of west’s funds ‘ve gone toward hiring consultants and republican operatives (like $1.3 million to atlas strategy group) to “ballot access srvcs” help the rapper land onna presidential ballot in still-eligible states, with uneven results: while west has landed onna ballot in arkansas, colorado, oklahoma, utah, vermont and tennessee, his campaign failed in its attempt to qualify in west virginia and wisconsin — due to missed deadlines — and virginia, where his campaign was accused of fraudulently obtaining electors.

some campaign funds ‘ve also been routed to legal firms in battleground states like wisconsin and arizona to appeal rulings that ‘ve blocked the birthdy pty from appearing on their respective presidential ballots. another over $95,000 went toward travel expenses — including a private jet for the rapper — and $25,000 was paid to west’s reprted “spiritual advisor.”

the fec filings show that the birthdy pty has sfar accumul8d debts of $8 million, with $900,000 in $$$ on hand.

on fri, west’s campaign filed to appear onna presidential ballot in kentucky; while the application is still under review, the state’s secretary of state and chief elections official michael adams suggested that he ‘d certify the birthdy pty to be onna election dy ballot. a decision onna mississippi presidential ballot is similarly pending.


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