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if you got mostly as…

ur a witch: strong, determined and a born survivor, no matter wha’ the realm throws at you. you feel at home amongst trees and plants, and like nothing betta tha' spending time in nature. you also like to make home remedies from herbs and ‘ve tried homeopathic remedies. you
believe inna magic of the realm, and inna possibility that there are other elemental bein’s inna realm that we ‘ve yet to physically see. this is cause witches are mediators tween the earth and pplz.

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you nd'2 learn how everything is intertwined: from colours to dys of the week, the wheel of the yr and seasonal festivals. begin by writing recipes and thoughts in a book of shadows or ‘grimoire’.

if you got mostly bs…

you’re an earth angel: you’re onna path to becoming an earth angel, and ur fully aware of the power of something else beyond yr usual realm. at times, the universe has made you wanna cutout this planet, as you ‘ve an innate feeling that you belong somewhere else. however, this is
the lesson you must learn: you ‘ve chosen to come here at this time, and although you belong amongst the stars, ur now incarnate here onna earth. you must learn to live peacefully here: you ‘ve to experience the sorrow na pain, as ur an angel wh'cn turn sufferation into joy.

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stop living inna clouds and wishing to go ‘home’. begin to keep an angel diary as a constant reΨer that yr heavenly bros and sisters are never far away from you.

if you got mostly cs…

you’re a healer: you can sense when others are sufferation, as yr hands may start tingling, or you mite even get a feeling of pressure in yr stomach. this is yr solar plexus: yr very centre, which harnesses both
yr power and weakness. pplz come to you for a ‘der to cry on and unburden themselves onto you, and you heal them just by listening. animals also seek you out as they know you cannelp. ur a mediator tween humans na animal kingdom.

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just by placing yr hands on some1’s ‘ders, you offer comfort. the healer is self-sacrificing and gentle, but yr 1st lesson lies in how to heal pplz without giving too much of yrself. create a healer’s book and research the ≠ ways that pplz can heal. many healers use crystals; these are ideal as you can use them directly on humans and animals’ chakras.

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