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discovering yr soul’s purpose ‘dn’t be lonely work; finding a group of like-Ψed pplz tis key, says chrissie astell

do you ever get an indescribable ‘itch’ to do something else? do you ‘ve a sense that ur here on earth to do something, but you don’t quite know wha’ that ‘something’ is? i felt this way, too: all through my twenties and thirties i was seeking something. i wasn’t sure wha’ i was looking for, but i was certain there was + to life than simply putting up with my situation atta time. i had two children, whom i ♥ dearly, but i was running a transport business with my 1st husband; work that i ‘dn’t bear, na whole situation was making me deeply un☺.

i’d had many readings, and they were all pointing me towards writing, teaching or ministry. all were a far cry from delivering parcels and sorting out vans and drivers from a railway arch in east london! my wellbein’ was seriously at stake here, in addition to the wellbein’ of those round me who were picking up on my sheer unhappiness.

trust yr readings

a young man at a ψ-chic fair told me he ‘d see that my aura was full of tears and holes, and that i needed to change my life, look after myself, and find spiritual friends to support my quest. he gave me past-life scenarios which he ‘d see behind my eyes, all of which were of lifetimes when i’d given my power away and not fulfilled my soul’s destiny.

after this, i had another reading by an aura soma practitioner, who told me that the angels wanted me t'work w'dem on earth. this was 25 yrs ago, so i dared not tell my friends in case they thought i was on another planet. 1-ly my mother and father understood.

everything in my life up to that point had to be practical, material and down-to-earth, and extremely well-organised. how ‘d i suddenly start believing that the angels were guiding me and that my life ‘d be perfect, with no tangible plan?

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