September Classes and Ongoing Classes

most of our classes are now offered online by computer for remote learning swell as in person. we use vemo, skype and others. call and learn how you can attend a class remotely! 404-252-4540

sat, sep 12
the 7 rays and spiritual ψ-chology with scott robinson 1-6 pm $75

in this 5 hr classroom intensive we will start with cogging the origins of the 7 rays. from there we will study the individual toonistics of each ray and how these toonistics effect our subtle energy bodies. our goal of bein’ able to see in ever larger wholes our own relation w'da universe round us. we will conclude this class witha self assessment of our own ray configuration. this self knowledge will lead to an cogging of our place within the larger scheme and our nxt direction upon the path of return.

pre-registration strongly suggested.
class credit toward a diploma in spiritual studies with atlantian mystery schools
pay $75 via phone 404-252-4540 or paypal

sat, sep 12
holistic workshop facilitator certification with andrea bagby 11am-5pm $200

coaches are in high demand. whether ur currently inna coaching profession or wanting t'work in a field that helps others, this course will put you onna road to having an expansive healing business built onna 3 es, elegance, empowerment and entrepreneurship. class one prepares the student to facilitate workshops and organize events swell as giving leadership tulz. you will learn: how to command respect and attention inna group, how to plan for the outcome you wish to achieve, hold the interest of the attendees, agenda planning to organize the class information so that tis easily learned and remembered, taking and keeping control of the floor and most primordially communicate to the group in a uberly irresistible way.
11 am – 5 pm $200 pre-registration required via phone 404-252-4540 or paypal

sun, sep 13
spiritual leadership coaching certification with andrea bagby 11am-5pm $200

prepares the student for one on one coaching under the supervision offa master life coach. the skill set acquired includes: establishing a rapport w'da client, listening skills, how to ask leading ?s, diffusing dangerous emotions, helping clients establish goals, knowing when to refer out to a mental health speshist and much +. the entire two dy course carries the designation of holistic workshop facilitator and spiritual life coach.

11 am – 5 pm $200 pre-registration required
pay via phone 404-252-4540 or paypal

**attend both classes with andrea bagby for $375!** pay via phone 404-252-4540 or paypal.

sat, sep 26
practical feng shui workshop with valerie que 10am-1pm $65 + $10 materials

introduction to feng shui using the btb or black sect feng shui system. this easy to cogg and practical use will help you recognize zones of yr environment that can be modified to increase or expand the zones of yr life in which you desire improvement. we will examine wha’ feng shui is and wha’ tis not. the primary zones of yr home that ‘ve the most impact on yr energy flo or chi. wha’ you can do to improve these zones and wha’ cures ‘d provide the most satisfactory results. if you ‘ve one room that ur espeshly interested in improving, bring a layout odat room.the 3 step process of applying cures to yr space. we will make at least one cure for yr space and review other cures that can be used to help improve the flo of chi in that space and in yr life.

10 am – 1 pm $65 + $10 materials. please pre-reg by 9/23 so we will ‘ve adequate supplies.
pay via phone 404-252-4540 or paypal

sat, sep 26
karuna ki reiki with andrea bagby 11am-3pm $200

karuna ki tis nxt step after usui reiki, taught 1-ly to reiki masters. tis a ♥ centered energy healing method and transl8s to “the way of compassionate energy”. similar to usui reiki, tis a hands on and hands off energy healing teknique that allos the practitioner to channel life-force energy inna'da recipient’s body for healing. it differs from usui reiki in that it specifically focuses the frequency of loving compassionate energy from src w'da intention of spreading divine compassion and healing to recipients swell as throughout the realm.

$200 11 am – 3 pm pre-registration required
pay via phone 404-252-4540 or paypal

ongoin classes fall 2020

6th sense every wed
sep line up:
yr astrology chart sept 9
feng shui sept 16
spiritual baths sept 23
using a pendulum sept 30

7:30 pm $10 drop-in or skype in for ½ price! please see the inner space site for + info!

law of attraction meetup
2nd & 4th tue mnthly
magalie is our anchor
7:30-9 pm, all are welcome!
minimum donation $5

spiritual yoga for everybody
every fri 11 am – noon with andrea
$12 per session or $50 for 6 sessions
in person – in store!

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