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many pplz ‘ve recovered from covid-19, but some are experiencing lingering symptoms long after they test neg. mark anderson, md, a founding ptner at executive med of texas, has dedicated his career to helping others increase their chances for a longer and healthier life.

dr. anderson explains that many drs are seeing patients experience after-effects from covid-19, consistent with those of other infections.

“much of wha’ we’re seeing in these patients is similar to wha’ we see after other infections, s'as lyme disease or cmv, ” he said. “patients nd'2 cogg that while the acute infection maybe gone, d'body is in recovery phase. the healing process can be exhausting and often takes a gr8 deal of physical and emotional energy.”

here are a few after-effects that dr. anderson and his colleagues said they ‘ve been seeing:

extreme fatigue

this aint uncommon when d'body is in a recovery state. infections like covid-19 are inflammatory by nature. reducing inflammation and returning to a state of homeostasis is taxing onna system.

lingering shortness of breath

by nature, this illness causes damage to the lining of the lungs. the good news s'dat the lungs ‘ve the cap to heal themselves ptially, if not completely. some research out of china shows that early contractors are now showing signs of repair and recovery.

brain fog or confusion

pt of this maybe due to the inflammatory process. as d'body heals, this ‘d reduce or resolve. for those patients that were hospitalized or taken out o'their normal environment and routines, the sooner they move back into a sense of normalcy, the easier it ll'be to think clearly again. course, movin back into routines too soon ‘d also backfire as d'body needs rest and recovery during the healing process.


this is often the result od’oda symptoms. nobody wanna be down for a dy, let alone a mnth or +. a significant illness, s'as this, is also a reΨer of our own mortality. many-pay shunt's find themselves taking inventory o'their own lives, accomplishments, and unrealized goals.

dr. anderson stated that patients recovering from covid-19 ‘d be aware o'their risks goin forward.

“time will tell,” he said. “one thing i know for certain s'dat patients who’ve experienced a long-lasting inflammatory illness ‘d always be folloed + closely goin forward. inflammation tis √ of many other illnesses like ♥ disease and even many types of cancer.”

dr. anderson and his colleagues at executive med of texas are developing new protocols to boost the health of the post-covid-19 patients.

such programs are reprted to focus on nutrition, strength building, hormone optimization and routine screenings for any evidence of early ♥ disease or other chronic illnesses.

w'da № of cases onna rise, all pplz, not just those who ‘ve other risk factors, ‘d take precautions. while we measure the №s of total cases and deaths, thris no doubt that we will eventually be measuring the № of pplz with post-covid-19 complications.

bout the author: judy gaman, msps, bshs is an award-winning speaker and author. she authored the book age to perfection: how to thrive to 100, ☺, healthy, and wise with drs. mark anderson and walter gaman. t'get yr free copy of age to perfection click here. her l8st book, ♥, life, and lucille (www.♥ is bout how lucille fleming, a centenarian (over 100), changed her life forever.

+ on both judy gaman and dr. mark anderson belo:

ceo of executive med of texas, judy gaman has spent nearly a decade offering advice on longevity and vitality onna nationally syndicated the staying young radio show, the stay young america! podcast, and regularly serves as a healthy living expert on tv and radio. judy’s most recent book, ♥, life, and lucille was recently recognized as an award-winning finalist inna best new non-fiction category of the 2020 international book awards

dr. mark anderson holds a board certification in family med and is a diplomat of the american board of family med. he also holds a certification in age management med by the age management med education foundation (ammef).

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