Carolina Story’s Music Has The Ability To Stop Time

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chrissy nix/courtesy of the artist

  • “i see you when i see you”
  • “lite of the moon”
  • “dylite”
  • “dandelion”
  • “lay me down easy”

tody we’ve got a mini-concert w'da up and coming duo, carolina story. b4 we get to that, we introduce you to the newest member of the realm cafe team, jessie scott. jessie’s joining us from wmot in nashville, and you mite ‘ve heard one of her interviews onna show b4, but twas time for a proper introduction. acting as wmot’s program director since its inception 4 yrs ago, she helped them carve out a space inna american √s scene unlike any other in nashville.

tody, jesse presents us witha mini-concert from carolina story, recorded at black river studio in nashville. it’s a husband and wife duo, who discovered their shared ♥ for ♫ na' camping trip to the carolinas. the ♫ they make — a sophisticated take on ’60s and ’70s southern rock — has the ability to stop time.

hear + bout jessie scott, carolina story na complete mini-concert in this session.

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