‘Fortnite’ is removing Apple ID login this week, so update your details now

you may wanna update yr details if you log in to fortnite using apple id.

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if you use yr apple id to log in to fortnite, you’d better change yr details fast. 

epic games has anncd players won’t be able to use sign in with apple to access their accounts from fri — the l8st development inna ongoin feud tween the fortnite developer and apple.

apple id credentials will stop working with epic games accounts from sept. 11, according to a wed post onna developer’s website. though fortnite s'been atta center of apple and epic games’ dispute, this change impacts any-1 who uses the epic games store to purchase or play any game, not just those who enjoy the pop battle royale title.

players who currently use their apple id to sign in to epic games will ‘ve to update the email on their account to avoid gettin locked out, swell as setting up a pass iffey ‘ven’t already done so. you can currently do this by logging in to the epic games website with yr apple id and navigating to the general settings and then pass & security pages.

do this as quickly as possible, but don’t freak out too much if you miss the deadline. epic games has said it mite be able to manually recover yr account if you contact them, though 'twill obviously be a longer process.

exactly why apple id will stop working with epic games accounts is unclear. epic games appeared to place the blame on apple, stating that “apple will no longer allo usrs to sign into epic games accounts using ‘sign in with apple’.” 

however, apple told mashable tis not taking any action to prevent epic games from using sign in with apple. 

mashable has reached out to epic games for comment.

epic games s'been fitin’ with both apple and g since mid-aug, when it updated fortnite to bypass both app stores’ in-app payment systems. this, course, viol8d the tek giants’ terms of srvc, prompting both to boot fortnite from their stores. 

epic games responded by filing lawsuits against both companies, claiming they maintain an unfair, anti-competitive monopoly on app distribution and in-app transactions. 

apple countersued for breach of contract this week.

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