Beck, Jeff Tweedy, Phoebe Bridgers Set for Daniel Johnston Tribute

beck, jeff tweedy and phoebe bridgers are among the artists set to pticipate in a daniel johnston tribute airing fri, sep 11th, at 9 p.m. et onna website of electric lady studios and johnston’s new tube page. tody marks the one-yr anniversary of johnston’s death.

the tribute is titled, “honey i sure miss you” — after a johnston song of the same name — n''twill feature a stacked lineup of artists who ‘ve submitted pre-recorded performances o'their favorite johnston songs. joining beck, tweedy and bridgers are devendra banhart, waxahatchee, maya hawke and jesse harris, the lemon twigs, kevin morby, lucius, cut worms, jody seabody na whirls, claud and adam green. johnston’s family has also shared a never-b4-seen home movie of johnston thall be shown swell.

in a statement, electric lady’s managing ptner, lee foster, said, “i’m just a huge fan of daniel johnston’s drawings and ♫ and recognize how be♥d he is, espeshly within the ♫ community. if you’re a fan, you’re usually a fanatic, n'when i started reaching out to ♫ian and industry friends for video submissions, the answer was almost always an all-caps ‘yes.’ pplz wanna celebrate him.”

the hi how ru project, the mental health nonprofit inspired by johnston’s life and legacy, also tweeted bout the event, saying, “tody we're remembering daniel witha video tribute from these stellar artists. thank you to all the artists who contributed to help make this possible.”


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