See Flaming Lips Perform ‘God na Policeman’ on ‘Fallon’

flaming lips celebrated the release of american head fri by reentering their plastic bubbles to perform their new album’s “god na policeman” on the tonite show.

while the american head version of “god na policeman” features kacey musgraves, the singer is absent onna fallon rendition.

throughout the covid-19 pandemic na american head promotional cycle, wayne coyne and company ‘ve quarantined themselves and their audience in their own personal bubbles, starting w'da band’s appearance on the l8 show in jun and continuing through their videos for “dinosaurs onna mountain” and “will you return/when you come down.”

“you hate to say anything + bout the pandemic. we’ve all lost our jobs cause we can’t go out and play concerts,” wayne coyne recently told rolling stone.

“but i feel optimistic that it’s alloed pplz to take a break from the onslaught of all the cool things that can occupy yr attention. i don’t think the black lives matter movement ‘d ‘ve had as much power if there were all these other things goin on. i was very glad that there were no concerts and no sporting events — nothing else in a way to say, ‘yes, this ‘d be the news.’”

coyne added, “inna shadow of all that, i think some really uber things are happening. i hope we don’t all just die like it’s the plague or something. i hope this is just a moment n'our history and we learn a lot from it.”


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