Dotty’s Inferno: Pinups by Bob Fingerman’s Friends


written and illustrated by the gr8 bob fingerman, dotty’s inferno is a graphic novel bout a call girl who dies and goes to hell, 1-ly to be assigned a job inna inhuman resrcs deptment, new ♂ arrivals division. that’s a crappy job alrite. fortunately she gets away from her desk plenty often and her quests are plenty bizarre — which tis nearest hell equivalent to fun.

in putting together this 72-page extravaganza, which is currently available for pre-order, fingerman called upon a few friends, who happen to also be a-listers of the comics medium, to contribute their interpretations of dotty and/or the inferno. so we ‘ve 4u a series of pinups by john cebollero, howard chaykin, dave johnson, mike mignola, dan panosian, bill sienkiewicz and bill wray. if you think they’re fun here, w8’ll you see them in all their glory onna printed page. devilishly good stuff, as tis entire book.

if you notice that dotty has an aversion to pants, rest assured she’s not the 1-ly one. this is hell, after all, it’s a bit steamy na toons really ‘ve no reason to be modest — not any+.

for + information onna book, watch this gr8 interview bob did with onna spot eva:

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