The Mandalorian Season 2: Watch the Trailer

the trailer for season 2 of disney/lucasfilm’s the mandalorian is here — n'it promises some gr8 scenes. check it out:

honestly, if you grew up loving the star wars universe, any tv or movie that nails the scenery is appealing, but season 1 of this show turned out to be a good watch swell. even if you went in skeptical of the pandering cuteness of the so-called “baby yoda,” the badassery of the protagonist likely won you over. and twas neat to see how ig-88, the least-scary bounty hunter from empire strikes back, earns a living. turns out the gawky, bullet-headed droid is handy w'da steel.

in fact, the mandalorian was the entire reason many pplz signed up for disney + — well played, mouse. if you let yr subscription lapse once you got through, you ‘ve a mnth and a ½ to ponder whether to sign back up. the mandalorian season 2 premieres on disney + on oct 30.

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