Prime Day 2020: The 61 Absolute Best Deals (Updated)

it’s dy two of amazon prime dy, gear heads! as amazon continues to unleash and onslaught of deals, it can be tough to navigate the 80,000+ items available on sale, swell as those from competitors like walmart, target, and best buy.

wired’s gear team s'been wading through it all round the clock, searching for the best deals on essentialisms we actually like. whether you’re looking t'get some early holidy shopping done, or just aiming to treat yrself to some discounted knick-knack or other, we’ve gotcha covered. these are the best deals we’ve come across, witha lil information bout each item based on our experiences.

note: we strike through items that sell out or rise in price as we update this guide. discounts sometimes return quickly, so check for yrself. you’ll need a subscription to amazon prime t'get most of these deals.

updated oct 14: we crossed out some deals that ‘ve ended, and updated shipping times on some items.

wired’s prime dy coverage

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phone and smartwatch deals

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tablet and pc deals

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