Origin (OGN) and Enjin Coin (ENJ) now available onna Blockchain.com Exchange

the enthusiasm occurring inna defi and nft communities is impossible to ignore. folloing our listing of yfi and aave, we're proud to announce the addition of two + highly innovative tokens, enjin coin (enj) and origin (ogn), onna blockchn.com… xchange. to complement our defi listings, we’ve also integrated dappradar — a platform to track, analyze, and discover decentralized applications — onna blockchn.com… explorer. we’ve been folloing all 3 projects closely as they’ve grown and are confident inna tek they’re fostering.

we’re eager to make somd' most in-demand tokens far + accessible to millions of blockchn.com… usrs realmwide. it can be difficult and expensive to trade these tokens. by creating order books for enj and ogn onna xchange, we’re giving millions of customers access to defi and nft in a familiar xchange environment. we're also 1-odda 1-ly ways for pplz to purchase these tokens with fiat $ s'as the us usd.

at launch, available trading pairs will include enj-usd, enj-usdt, ogn-usd, ogn-usdt.

beginning tody, we’ve enabled deposits of enj and ogn to the blockchn.com… xchange. tody at 2 pm gmt (6 am pt / 9 am et), we’ll open order books for active trading. purchase of these tokens in gbp, eur, and usd is also available through simple trade. t'get started, log in or reg for the xchange, verify yr identity, add funds, and start trading.

the 2nd piece we're excited to announce is our integration with dappradar. alongside these new token offers, we cogg the need for our community to stay up to date and receive accurate information bout the activity taking place inna defi and nft sectors. our ptnership and data integration with dappradar provides an interface to millions of blockchn.com… usrs to discover and use pop and innovative decentralized applications. you can find the integration with dappradar on our website here.

and check out belo for + information on our investments, integrations, and token listings:

bout enjin

in 2009, enjin launched the enjin network, a gaming community platform that boasts over 20 million usrs. in 2017 folloing a successful ico that rezd $18.9 million, enjin began building a suite of blockchn essentialisms that enable any-1 to easily manage, explore, distribute, and integrate blockchn assets.

comprising the enjin platform, mkt, wallet, beam, nother tulz and srvcs, enjin’s tulz enable game developers and studios to utilize tokenized digital assets as pt o'their acquisition, retention, engagement, and monetization strategies. the enjin ecosystem is fueled by enjin coin (enj), an eth-based crp$ used to directly back the val of enjin-powered blockchn assets.

bout origin (ogn)

origin protocol

origin enables decentralized commerce through an open-src platform that enables the creation of p-to-p mkts and e-commerce applications. using the eth blockchn and interplanetary file system (ipfs), the platform and its community pticipants can interact in a p-to-p fashion, enabling commerce transactions without traditional intermediaries. origin has rezd + than $38.1m to date from leading investors, including pantera capital, blockchn.com…, and foundation capital.

origin token (ogn)

the origin token (ogn) is a utility token that serves multiple purposes in ensuring the network’s health and growth. ogn is a multi-purpose incentive token that drives behavior for end-usrs, developers, mkt operators, nother ecosystem pticipants. in addition, ogn is a medium-of-xchange token that can be used for payments tween buyers and sellers onna platform. tis intended that ogn will serve as a crit piece inna future governance of the network.

bout dappradar

dappradar has become the starting point for dapp discovery and acts as a distribution channel for dapp developers looking to reach new consumers. it tracks over 3,500 dapps across multiple blockchns, including eth, eos, tron, matic and binance chn, with plans to expand to others. dappradar provides actionable mkt intelligence and dapps are tracked in terms of active usrs, token volume, tvl, atvl and transaction activity. this data provides presh insite into specific trends within the dapp ecosystem.

primordial note

digital $ aint legal tender and aint backed by any government. legislative and regulatory changes or actions at yr local or atta international lvl may adversely affect the use, transfer, xchange, and val of digital currencies.

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