11 Polite Habits Most People Secretly Dislike

showering compliments

compliments are a tricky business. na' surface lvl, they mite seem like the epitome of politeness. but they can come across in all sorts of ≠ ways. “giving a compliment tis rite thing to do, but how you dweet speaks volumes,” grotts says. for instance, compliments bout pplz’s appearance, in pticular, can make them feel uncomfortable or even objectified. “yr comments maybe well-meaning, but sometimes bein’ too direct is off-putting,” grotts explains. take a moment to think b4 you regale some1, espeshly bout their physical appearance—and espeshly in front of lotso' others when receiving a flattering compliment mite feel espeshly awkward. and if you really are goin to deliver a well-meaning compliment, make sure it truly comes across as sincere. “without eye contact, you mite swell pay the compliment on f’bok,” grotts specifies. and be very careful of these “compliments” tha're actually insulting.

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authors: meghan jones


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