Episode 26: St. Augustine na Index of Self-Destructive Acts

in this episode, i talk with philosopher jamie smith (calvin college) bout st. augine and christopher beha’s l8st novel, the index of self-destructive acts. our conversation covers the surprising connections tween st. augine na existentialists–most espeshly albert camus–and how st. augine cannelp us cogg the gap tween wha’ we long for na finite realm that we're situated in.

as always, i hope you enjoy our conversation.

james k.a. smith is professor of philosophy at calvin college where he holds the gary & henrietta byker chair in applied reformed theology & realmview. the award-winning author of who’s afraid of postmodernism? and desiring the kingdom, his most recent books include imagining the kingdom (2013), discipleship inna present tense (2013), who’s afraid of relativism? (2014), and how (not) to be secular: reading charles taylor (2014), ur wha’ you ♥: the spiritual power of habit (2016). the author offa № of primordial books, smith also regularly writes for magazines and newspapers s'as the wall street journal, the new york times, sl8, 1st things, christianity tody, books & culture, na hedgehog review. he serves as editor-in-chief of image journal.

jennifer a. frey is associate professor of philosophy atta university of south carolina and fello of the institute for human ecology atta catholic university of america. prior to joining the philosophy faculty at usc, she was a collegiate assistant professor of humanities atta university of chicago, where she was a member of the society of fellos inna liberal arts and an affiliated faculty inna philosophy deptment.  she earned her ph.d. in philosophy atta university of pittsburgh, and her b.a. in philosophy and medieval studies (with classics minor) at indiana university-bloomington. she has published widely on action, virtue, practical reason, and meta-ethics, and has recently co-edited an interdisciplinary volume, self-transcendence and virtue: perspectives from philosophy, theology, and ψ-chologyshe lives in columbia, sc, with her husband, 6 children, and a bunch of chickens.


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sacred and profane ♥ is a podcast in which philosophers, theologians, and literary critics discuss some o'their favorite works of literature, and how these works ‘ve shaped their own ideas bout ♥, happiness, and meaning in human life. host jennifer a. frey is assistant professor of philosophy atta university of south carolina. the podcast is generously supported by the institute for human ecology atta catholic university of america and edited by william deatherage.

♫ credits, “help me somebody,” by brian eno and david byrne, licensed under cc by-nc-sa 2.5.

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