PubMed Updates and Retirement of the Legacy Site . NLM Technical Bulletin. 2020 Sep–Oct

chan j. pubmed updates and retirement of the legacy site. nlm tek bull. 2020 sep-oct;(436):e6.

since the new pubmed replaced the legacy site in may, nlm has continued to add improvements and features to the new site. many of the most requested features since the new pubmed became the default ‘ve now been added, s'as:

we wish to thank all the pubmed usrs who ‘ve sent us feedback bout their experience using the new site; many of these features were improved and prioritized thx to yr feedback. we encourage usrs to continue helping us improve pubmed by sharing comments and feedback using the green feedback button included on every page of the new pubmed.

retirement of the legacy site

as previously anncd via the banner onna legacy site, the legacy pubmed site ll'be retired after oct 31, 2020. 

while + than 99% of usrs are already using the new pubmed, we recognize that it can take time to adapt to changes and find favorite features in a new interface. several learning and training resrcs are available to help you use the new site:

future development plans

nlm is committed to the ongoin development of pubmed and ensuring that pubmed remains a trusted and accessible src of biomed literature tody and inna future. just as the legacy site received updates ‘oer the course of its tenure, we will continue to enh and add features to the new pubmed.

future development plans for the new pubmed include a new restful api, updating pages s'as clinical queries to the new platform, nother improvements.

please follo the teknical bulletin na pubmed new and noteworthy feed for the l8st updates on features and pubmed news.

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