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make the most of this magical celebration with easy rituals from spiritual experts across the country

as we end the yr, it’s a time to look back on all that the previous 12 mnths has brought with it. despite the challenging times we’ve found ourselves in, the shining lite s'bind'a renewed cogging of wha’ is most primordial to us all: ♥, for ourselves and for others. with this in Ψ, we’ve asked our spiritual experts to tell us bout their favourite winter solstice rituals so we can carry on compassionately inna'da new yr, and boost + thoughts and feelings. so sit back, get inspired, and let the lite in.

a time for cogitateion

lisa melbourne clinical aroma-reflexologist and spiritual coach (tiny.cc…)

“onna winter solstice we ease inna'da stillness found within the longest nite and shortest dy. we rest, cogitate, and allo ourselves time to be still within the darkness, so that we may connect to its sacred energies.

at dusk, take a candle and find a quiet place to sit undisturbed for a while. as nature lies quiet and dormant round us, we too must find time for stillness and inner cogitateion. clear yr Ψ and focus onna soft rhythm of yr breathing. as you breathe in, imagine ur breathing rejuvenating lite into every cell; every pt of yr body.

as you breathe out, imagine ur breathing out all tiredness, and any
sluggish, neg energies. when you feel ready, lite yr candle to honour the return of the lite, and give silent thx for the replenishment you found within the darkness.”

give thx to gaia

sara denny spiritual shop owner (thymekeepers.co.uk)

“we get outdoors onna winter solstice at noon w'da pplz we ♥. we nd'2 be connected to gaia, and thank the sun under the sky that we ♥. as we beckon the beginning of spring, w'da growing lite, we let go of the darker dys, our sadness, na yr’s ♥breaks. ‘let it go!’ tis
mantra for ourselves and for each other.

within yr ritual, make sure to incorporate wata: take a walk by a stream
or a river, or maybe just enjoy the rain! put yr hands on some big old trees, and imprint yr ♥ on their new rings. place yr hands on some big stones and feel the beating ♥ of mother earth. with yr ft onna bare earth, remember to breathe. put yr hands up inna sky and thank the unconquered sun.

get all yr crystals out for a few dys and discharge any neg energy, and make sure they get a full solstice recharge. sprinkle salt underneath where they’re sitting for a few dys, and place them in a wheel or spiral pattern, or wha’ever symbol you like! also, as a long-time teetotaller, i’ll
be sitting out witha neat cup of tea from my flask, nodding to sol and ceres.”

make peace with yr shadow self

yvonne power tarot expert (bohemianlifestyle.co.uk)

“for me, the winter solstice is a time for self-cogitateion, and to make friends with my shadow-self so that i can bring in + lite into my life. i will create an altar to include crystals thall assist with my goals; a singing bowl; and my tarot cards. i recommend the folloing tarot spread to help integrate and heal yr shadow self, which you can do with oracle cards, too:

card 1: wha’ is my shadow trying to tell me?
card 2: wha’ pt of my shadow am i denying?
card 3: how can i bring my shadow self fully to the lite?
card 4: wha’ new seeds am i planting?
card 5: wha’ else can i release to bring + lite into my life?
card 6: wha’ do i nd'2 honour most since the summer solstice?

i recommend including the folloing crystals in yr ritual: rose quartz as a stone of peace and ♥; blue lace agate as a nurturing stone; and black tourmaline to reduce fear. i close out my ritual by doin’ a traditional
fire-releasing ceremony. i write down na' piece of paper all that i nd'2 release, and safely burn it in a fireproof bowl. i then use the folloing affirmation: ‘i now integrate all of those pts of myself that i ‘ve kept hidden out of fear. i accept my shadow and ♥ my shadow unconditionally.’”

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