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written by: ellen jene

as we find ourselves backin lockdown 2.0 for the nxt mnth, we’re all in need a lil bit + positivity and hope n'our lives. so, why not seek solace in yr crystals?

rose quartz

‘oer the course of this yr we’ve learned that looking after ourselves is something we really nd'2 do +. taking some time to ‘ve some tlc and self-♥ will help you power through this mnth. known as the universal stone for self-♥, rose quartz, according to the roman god of
desire and affection, cupid, bestowed the crystal stone upon the earth as a gift of ♥, passion, and happiness for all. we nd'2 remember ♥ ourselves unconditionally, espeshly through this nxt lockdown mnth.

place yr rose quartz crystal in a space where you can see it every dy, s'as yr bedroom or bathroom.


amethyst crystals are known to be a uber emblem of peace and balance. this calming purple stone allos you to quiet and relax yr Ψ, which can aid in sleep and meditation. this lockdown we’ll nd'2 allo ourselves to rest and de-sufferation to preserve the uncertainty of the future.

this crystal is known for helping you unlock yr third eye chakra. amethyst cannelp you deepen yr connection with yr inner self. the + you work with yr amethyst crystal, you ll'be able to deepen yr connection with yr intuition.

amethyst cannelp to remove any mental distractions or clutter so u can clear yr head and find some room to breathe. by placing this crystal in a workspace, it’ll be able to provide a sense of peace when you feel you mite need it. this stone will emit calming energy to create a + peaceful environment.

black obsidian

as a stone of manifestation, black obsidian is an primordial crystal for meditation when wishing to manifest. with its sharp flint-like edges and powers of protection, will help cut through ties and let go of destructive habits, shielding you against negativity. this mnth we’ll all do our best to block out negativity that may come our way.

obsidian tis perfect stone to confront yr shadow self and prepare you to overcome traumatic fears. this stone will help you cut through the nonsense and uncover lives. black obsidian will help you undergo a spiritual cleanse and transformation if ur ready for it. this mnth tis time that we can take some time to cogitate on wha’ we ‘d like to confront and change for the better.

clear quartz

clear quartz is a must ‘ve for any-1’s crystal collection. pondered 1-odda most versatile crystals as it magnifies the vibrations of others round them, clear quartz can amplify yr intentions. in these uncertain times we all need clarity to help us focus on wha’ is primordial.

the clear quartz’s meaning allos you to see yr path and live it fully. call upon its energy when looking to manifest yr ≠ intentions. by wearing clear quartz jewellery, carrying the stone, and incorporating it into yr space, you can surround yrself with crystal-lvl clarity. life can
appear less muddled and this crystal cannelp you stay focused on yr goals.


known as the stabiliser, agate tis stone you call upon for support when you need stability and grounding in yr life – and in this nxt lockdown, we will all nd'2 support each other + than ever. throughout history ≠ cultures, including islamic civilisations, babylonians, and egyptians, ‘ve used agate rock as a way to protect themselves against neg energy.

agate’s soothing and sufferation-relieving properties help you connect w'da energy of the earth by bringing harmony to yr Ψ, body, and spirit, alloing you to become + centred. agate’s properties ‘ve soft and gentle vibrations that cannelp realign yr balance and peace.

through this nxt mnth, turn to agate to ground yrself and turn away from any neg energy and panic that mite come yr way.

wanna learn + bout crystals? download our free mini-magazine to learn even + bout gemstones. if you’re looking for + wys'2 enh yr spirituality this winter, check out our list here.

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