Moebius’ ‘Voyage d’Hermes,’ a Late (and Mysterious) Masterwork


french illustrator jean “moebius” giraud is among the elite sci fiction and fantasy artists of all time, na 2010 “les voyages d’hermès” project demonstrates that na' few lvls. it’s a stunning work, telling a loose story bout a voyage aboard a giant bird — the 9-image portfolio is as elegant a feast for the eyes as any moebius created onnis career.

there’s + to it than that, though — these 9 pl8s were created for the hermès fashion house, which has a fragrance called “voyage.” begging an obvious ?: why? wha’ does this collection of images ‘ve to do w'da voyage d’hermès’ fragrance, or even its brand? the fact is, they ‘ve almost nothing to do with each other.

that’s the beauty of bein’ moebius, the gr8est (then) living french illustrator: when a french luxury brand like hermes comes calling, you don’t ‘ve to illustrate ladies spritzing fragrances, or essentialisms at all, if you don’t wanna. it appears that hermes just wanted some odat moebius magic to express the magical “voyage” its perfume mite evoke.

(if you’re looking for moebius issues of heavy metal, we do still ‘ve a few left inna shop. the may 1982, feb 1984, mar 1984, apr 1984 and jun 1984 , featuring moebius-jodorowsky collaborations, are all there in limited quantities, and our 300th anniversary issue features a moebius story and posthumous interview swell.)

we say it “appears” hermes wanted moebius ambience cause there’s not a lotta information — the material seems not to ‘ve been used, or not much. according to moebius odyssey, a run of 3100 press kits were sent out, and that’s the story. these elegant images do not seem to ‘ve been used for billboards, magazine ads – nothin’.

a curio detail of this story (reprted by sci-fi-o-rama and others) s'dat these images were created using digital tek, a wacom cintiq tablet, which is remarkable for an artist who was then 72 yrs old and had created somd' masterworks of comics using pen and paper.

these images were published in 2010, and is among the last significant work (along with fauna of mars from 2011) moebius produced b4 his death in 2012.

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