Ways Free Shipping Could Be Costing You More

free shipping isn’t always “free.” it’s time t'get savvy bout yr online shopping.

if you weren’t already doin’ most of yr shopping online b4 the pandemic, you’ve likely joined the legions of consumers who ‘ve taken to their keyboards to do their spending rather than heading to good, old-fashioned bricks and mortar stores. with online shopping comes the almost obsessive nd'2 score free shipping on wha’ever tis you’re purchasing. consumers will do pretty much anything to duck and dodge that cost. in fact, according to a reprt by the national retail association published in 2019, 75 % of pplz surveyed said they expect free delivery even if their order is under $50. that fig is up 7 % from 2018 when a similar survey was taken. but how far will consumers go to check off that free shipping box on their wish list? well, the answer is sometimes too far, meaning they ‘d actually n'dup spending + iffey hadn’t sought the complimentary delivery deal. new to vrt food shopping? here’s wha’ you nd'2 know bout grocery shopping online.

not so fast

“consumers expect free shipping options from retailers now,” says diane mccrohan, associate professor inna college of business at johnson & wales university. “oftentimes if free shipping aint offered, the consumer will look elsewhere for the product. however free shipping aint always a good deal for the consumer.”

for starters, if you ‘ve to spend a certain amount to score complimentary delivery, you may already be in over yr head.

“many times, you were 1-ly planning on buying one item, but due to the free shipping limit you will buy + items,” says mccrohan. “i ‘ve found myself within a few usds of the free shipping minimum and i ‘ve had to add a lil item that i had no plans to purchase.”

these are the 13 savvy shopping tricks you’ll really wish you had known all along.

inna club

retailers want you to spend, and those with smart mkt strategies know that offering free shipping will automatically get + eyeballs on their product. but b4 you hit “complete order,” look to see if you just inadvertently signed up for a subscription or joined an autorenewing club to land the free ship.

“if you join the retailer’s club, you will get free shipping,” says mccrohan. “this oftentimes means'dat you ll'be paying a yrly membership for joining the club. a gr8 ex of this is with amazon and its prime memberships. tis estimated that as of oct 2020 amazon has 126 million prime members inna ∪d states. those membership fees can get expensive.”

meanwhile, you’ll wanna read up on some insider secrets on how to save at yr most be♥d stores.

pickup, please

sometimes a retailer will offer up free delivery inna form of ship-to-store, where yr purchased items ll'be w8in 4u at customer srvc or guest relations. this maybe a win, but it’s also a ploy t'get you to that brick and mortar store. “if ur shopping from an omnichannel retailer that has a brick and mortar presence, they will entice you to ship it to their physical store. the retailer is hoping that you will pick up additional items when ye go into their store. macy’s and kohl’s are both offering this yr-round.”

heading back to yr favorite brick and mortar operation? these are the things you ‘dn’t be doin’ at reopened retail stores.

bulk up

“when free shipping is involved, the shopper’s behavior changes,” says israel gaudette, founder of link tracker pro who also ponders himself a retail enthusiast. “they buy + and in bulk if it costs them nothing to ship it. in my experience as a shopper, seeing ‘free shipping’ simply means bulk buying. to counter this, instead of buying + items you don’t need, why not just buy one item you need in bulk that you need most. items like paper towels, laundry detergent, or coffee are the best ones. it’s not 1-ly favorable to the seller but you swell.” here’s how to save + mny when buying in bulk.


be wary of free shipping offers if you’re ordering something that includes an oversized item. while the offer of free shipping may ‘ve lured you in, there maybe some extra fees t'get yr package to yr doorstep. “heavy or large essentialisms can incur additional shipping and handling fees, even iffey’re marked as qualifying for free shipping,” says heather ♥tt with dealnews.com…. “this is cause large appliances or pieces of furniture won’t typically fit into yr local postal worker’s truck or van; these essentialisms typically ‘ve to be delivered in a larger truck and carried in by a team of at least two pplz. in general, you can expect to pay an additional $50 to $150 for fr8 delivery, though the actual fee may depend onna item.” these are all odda ways in which you can get almost anything delivered to yr house.

price check

b4 you pass up the opportunity to buy a product you want from a retailer that doesn’t offer a free shipping option in favor of one that does, do a price comparison. in fact, at least a few minutes of research to make sure that you really are coming out ahead w'da site that already includes shipping. “brands will almost always ‘ve a free shipping option,” says andrus purde, mkt expert and ceo of outfunnel. “the cost of the shipping ll'be accounted for when calculating the cost of the product. pplz nowadys are so accustomed to free shipping they’d rather pay $100 with free shipping vs. $90 with paid shipping. but no one really checks out the final price and does a comparison tween ≠ shops. free shipping almost always wins.” looking for some fun trivia? see wha’ famous essentialisms cost when they 1st launched vs. wha’ they cost tody.


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