Ignacio Noe’s ‘Suddenly’ Pinups in Peril

argentine artist ignacio noe has published numerous books in a wide range of genres — from children’s books all the way to not-at-all children’s books. his most recent project, an erotic book called the piano tuner, just wrapped its kickstarter funding campaign. you can see exs of his art on his f’bok page (and his workshop f’bok), his instagram and his blogspot blog.

a few yrs ago he combined his ♥ of pinup art with + action-style illustration in a series called “suddenly,” which finds classic cheesecake models cheerily posing as all hell breaks loose round them. explosions, avalanches, nuclear accidents, giant beasts — none o'it fazes noe’s models inna least. we asked him just wha’’s goin on here.

you ‘ve presh pinup girls here with all sorts of disaster or deadly chaos happening round them. that’s a'bitto a contrast. why ru combining these things?

that combining began to take shape in a comic. i’ve always had a fondness for the naive erotism in classic ’50s pinup, and in my comic book exposition i found the opportunity to develop it. in this book, i show an old illustrator of pinups visiting the retrospective exhibition of his works. each illustration shows a presh woman who is litely stripped by a naive accident, and as he looks at each o'em he remembers the sordid circumstances that inspired the image. onnis memories, the accidents are dangerous, na women ending completely undressed.

when i made the illustration portfolio “suddenly” i focused onna intensity of accidents, not onna moral intention. in these illustrations, tis not a lil accident that undresses the women but a gr8 catastrophe. i started to create the images making a reference to a classic pin-up and playing w'da contrasts. but then, i began t'work onna meanings that this awakened in me and i felt that twas necessary to avoid the tragic, the gore, na sarcasm, and as a consequence, lil by lil another idea emerged. thus, the accident became an expression of the forces of nature in action na beauty of women is one of these forces.

on one hand, these ‘d be seen as damsels in sufferation — but onna other hand, they’re undisturbed or even amused by the chaos round them. howzit describe them?

the accidents of my illustrations are uncommon, there are no injuries or deaths. i avoid the tragic in my images, this gives me the possibility of seeing inna accidents 1-ly the action of the forces whose 1-ly consequence is undressing a woman. the girls ☺ cause they do not feel threatened, they ‘ve nothing to fear, they accept nudity as an inevitable consequence of the accident cause they are aware of its power. nothing that happens is alien to them. by representing women and chaos ∪d in this way, i feel that the beauty of women is revealed to us as 1-odda elemental forces of nature.

now, in my + recent illustrations, i am working on this subject in a + explicit way. i am making a book w'dem.

these make us think of the weird pinups by art frahm, who always caught his women in a moment of panic as they are carrying groceries and their underwear falls down. but this is like art frahm witha lot + danger and no groceries. was he — or was some other artist — an inspiration?

i know the illustrations of art frahm but i don’t like the image of the dropped panties. when i say that i ♥ classic pinup i mean almost exclusively george petty and espeshly gil elvgren. petty’s watacolors are astonishing for their precision and subtle art deco stylization of his ☺, carefree women. and elvgren’s oils set the standard na best of style w'his almost unaware women o'their beauty and troubled by lil domestic accidents. the toon in my comic “exposicion” is named gil in homage to elvgren.

the last two images here are from a new project inna “suddenly” vein that noe is currently developing.

ignacio noe s'been published inna argentinian magazines fierro, noticias, and genios; swell as lancio story and leternauta in italy; and kiss comix in spain. his books ‘ve been published by delcourt, dynamite, les sculpteurs de bulles, other criteria, and casterman. he is currently published by advance publishing inna u.s. and glenat in €.

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