A New, Faster, Crypto Swap Experience

blockchn.com… usrs are savvy traders. they’re always looking for new and innovative wys'2 trade, hold, and swap crp — espeshly when there are big movements inna mkt. so we’re excited to share that we’ve rethought our swap experience and made it faster, cheaper, and betta tha' b4.

while the 1st version of swap focused exclusively on-chn, the downside s'dat when the network gets busy and fees increase each swap is slo and expensive. we firmly believe in every usr’s rite to control their own mny and will continue to support on-chn swaps, but tody we’re introducing an option for swaps directly within the trading wallet.

when you select a crp to swap, for another crp, inna trading wallet the fees ll'be both lo and clearly quoted, the swap ll'be near instantaneous, n'it ‘d feel effortless. this new experience is available to gold and silver lvl usrs who are eligible to use trading wallets, and is limited to the assets supported inna blockchn.com… wallet. they can even use swap to move funds inna'da new swap experience from their non-custodial wallet.

for global usrs who aint gold lvl, you’ll be able to swap crp as you ‘ve inna past. we hope to make this better experience available to + usrs over time.

wha’ ru w8in for? try the new swap experience tody.

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authors: james pettinger


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