The DDO Chronicle: Issue 404


strimtom creates an eldritch knite sorcerer! find the heroic crusher on tube! 

samius gurobo creates a howler cloney build for shifter lives! read bout the build onna ddo forums.

axel continues the ♫ covers! listen to tavern theme 4 on tube!

to nominate a player, email… w'da subject line “player spotlite”

ru willing to let yr toon die in order to open a chest?

comment onna ddo forums here and you ‘d win ddo points!

ddostream is yr 1st stop to find ddo on twitch! this week sigtrent fites cats, cordovan’s d&d players Ψ a store, and ddopl gets an epicleric!

also on twitch, brakkart does epic questing on cannith, ogre_on_fyre has a ddo dy, and notsaiku scuffs a 1st life!

over on tube, mr. deliteful enters a mine, robt in bc finds a ride, and voodu spyce takes a 1st look atta thornwrite!

  • update 48.1 s'been released! read the release notes on….
  • the wish for shifter memories is now available! find it inna ddo store in-game.
  • cordovan hunts chests and + in this week’s weekly wed lunchtime livestream. watch the video on twitch. 

audamar kneels b4 lolth n'our 489th ddo screenshot of the week! thx, audamar, for sending in this week’s screenshot!

click here to check out the entire gallery, and click here to learn how to submit yr screenshot.

click here to learn how yr screenshot ‘d be the nxt screenshot of the week!

  • ddo bonus dys bring you a +30% challenge loot boost, now through nov 22nd!
  • hack & stash! get 20% off:
    • slayer boosts
    • treasure hunter elixirs
    • select shared storage
    • now through nov 26th!
  • the weekly coupon gets you a free lesser restoration potion x5 w'da coupon code 5lesserresto, now through nov 26th!

that’s all for this week’s edition of the ddo chronicle. we’ll see you nxt time!

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authors: cordovan


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