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australian domain name administrator (auda) has anncd that from 12 apr 2021, new rules for,,, and namespaces inna .au domain will come into effect.

the not-for-profit policy authority and industry self-regulatory body for the .au domain space said the new rules were designed to better meet the evolving needs of registrants, enh trust inna .au domain, and help ensure .au remains australian and secure.

“this signifies an primordial step forward in .au governance — modernising the policy framework, ensuring the .au domain can respond to the changing needs of internet usrs, and continuing to build trust and confidence in .au namespaces,” auda ceo rosemary sinclair said.

sinclair said the new rules streamlined and simplified round 30 policies and guidelines that currently govern the .au domain.

changes included eligibility and alzone rules for some namespaces —,,, and; the terms and conditions for .au domain names; the complaints process; and how auda manages rule compliance.

according to the policy document, the rules aim to ensure dat a' licensing system is established which is transparent, responsive, accountable, accessible, and efficient; improves the utility of the .au country code top-lvl domain (cctld), for all australians; promotes consumer protection, fair trading, and brawl; provides those protections necessary to maintain the integrity, stability, utility, and public confidence inna .au cctld; expresses licence terms and conditions in objective and not subjective terms; implements clear, predictable and reliable complaint processes; and preserves the primordial principles of no proprietary rites in a domain name, 1st come, 1st served, and no hierarchy of rites.

as of 30 jun 2020, the total № of domains under management by auda was 3,180,395, encompassing the namespaces inna .au cctld which includes,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and

the total fig represents a decrease of ≤ 1% from jun 30 inna previous yr.

“creation of new domains inna last 3 mnths of the financial yr increased significantly ‘oer the same period last yr, coinciding with covid-19 measures that saw an increase in businesses and organisations movin online folloing restrictions placed onna community’s access to bricks and mortar premises,” auda said in its annual reprt, published last mnth.

round 2.8 million ‘ve the namespace; just over 223,00 are; + than 73,000 are; and just shy of 1,200 are

new south wales boasts just shy of 1.1 million .au domains under management by auda.

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