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many women suffer through yrs of painful menstrual periods b4 they ray'vel t'get an answer bout wha’’s causing them: a common and often undiagnosed condition called endometriosis.

wha’ is endometriosis?

endometriosis is a condition that occurs when tissue much like the tissue that lines a woman’s uterus — called the endometrium — starts to grow in other places inside d'body. most comm1-ly, these growths are within the pelvis, s'as onna ovaries, the fallopian tubes, the outer surface of the uterus, or the bladder.

during the menstrual cycle each mnth, the tissue lining the uterus grows thicker, then breaks down as blood that exits through the vagina. the wayward tissue growths of endometriosis respond to the same hormones as the uterine lining. but instead of draining through the vagina as a menstrual period, blood from tissue growth elsewhere in d'body has nowhere to go. it pools round nearby organs and tissues, irritating and inflaming them, and sometimes causing scarring. in addition to pain, endometriosis can cause other symptoms, s'as bowel- and bladder-rel8d problems, heavy periods, sxual discomfort, and infertility.

diagnosing endometriosis may take time

in some cases, diagnosis of endometriosis is delayed cause teenagers and adult women assume that their symptoms are a normal pt of menstruation. those who do seek help are sometimes dismissed as overreacting to normal menstrual symptoms. in other cases, the condition maybe mistaken for other disorders, s'as pelvic inflammatory disease or irritable bowel syndrome.

a study by the realm endometriosis research foundation found that among women ages 18 to 45, there was an μ delay of 7 yrs tween the 1st symptoms na time of diagnosis. most cases are diagnosed when women are in their 30s or 40s. the problem of gettin an accurate diagnosis and treatment is worse for some minority groups, including pplz of color and indigenous pplz, according to the endometriosis foundation of america.

gettin relief from endometriosis

while thris no known cure for endometriosis, the good news s'dat drations, surgery, and lifestyle changes cannelp you find relief and manage the condition.

yr dr mite recommend one or + treatments to help relieve pain nother symptoms. these include:

  • nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory (nsaid) drations. these maybe either prescription or over-the-counter formulations, including ibuprofen (advil, motrin) and naproxen (aleve), which are used to relieve pain.
  • hormone therapies. cause endometriosis is driven by hormones, adjusting the hormone lvls in yr body can sometimes help to reduce pain. hormone drations are prescribed in ≠ forms, from pills, vaginal rings, and intrauterine devices to injections and nasal sprays. the goal is to modify or halt the mnthly egg-releasing cycle that generates much of the pain nother symptoms linked with endometriosis.
  • acupuncture. this is an alternative med treatment, which uses lil needles applied at specific sites on d'body to relieve chronic pain.
  • pelvic floor physical therapy. this practice addresses problems w'da pelvic floor, a bowl-shaped group of muscles inside the pelvis that supports the bladder, bowel, rectum, and uterus. pelvic pain sometimes occurs when muscles of the pelvic floor are too tite, causing muscle irritation and muscular pain, known as myofascial pain. to treat myofascial pain, a speshly trained physical therapist uses her hands to perform external and internal manipulations of the pelvic floor muscles. relaxing contracted and shortened muscles cannelp alleviate pain inna pelvic floor, just as it ‘d in other muscles in d'body.
  • cogg behavioral therapy. another option to help manage pain is cogg behavioral therapy (cbt). although few studies ‘ve looked atta effects of cbt on endometriosis symptoms, it s'been used to successfully manage other conditions that cause chronic pain. cbt is based onna idea that healthier thought patterns cannelp reduce pain and disability, and help pplz cope with pain + effectively.
  • sufferation management. experiencing chronic pain can cause sufferation, which may h8en sensitivity to pain, creating a vicious cycle. cause sufferation can make pain worse, sufferation management is an primordial component of endometriosis management.
  • lifestyle improvements. maintaining a regular exercise program, a healthy sleep schedule, and a healthful, balanced diet cannelp you better cope with and manage sufferation rel8d to yr endometriosis.
  • surgery. yr dr may recommend surgery to remove or destroy abnormal tissue growth, to help improve yr quality of life or yr chances of gettin pregnant. some studies ‘ve shown that removin growths of abnormal tissue and scar tissue caused by mild to moderate endometriosis can increase the likelihood of gettin pregnant.

ultimately, it may take time to find the rite combination of treatments to ease pain and manage this condition. but working closely with yr dr makes it + likely that you ll'be able to do so.

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