9 Things in Your Garage You Should Toss

expired chemicals

pesticides, antifreeze, motor oil, fertilizer, and cleaning chemicals generally ‘ve a pretty decent shelf life—but how old is yr shelf, exactly? if all went well, you bought that gallon of insecticide backin 2005 and never needed it again. most of those chemicals ‘ve a shelf life of at least a few yrs, even iffey’ve been opened, but they’re worth checking every spring-cleaning season. +, heat, cold, moisture, and lite exposure can all tamper with even the most properly sealed and stored chemicals. even if that quart of motor oil is still good, maybe it served its purpose once and ‘d be better used inna hands of yr favorite gearhead. either way, chemicals are definitely some of those things you ‘d never just haphazardly throw away inna garbage, so make sure you dispose o'it properly.

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authors: caroline fanning


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