25 Face Masks We Actually Like to Wear

in apr, the us centers for disease control and prevention recommended all citizens wear nonmed face masks to slo the spread of covid-19. earlier this yr, we wrote bout how to make yr own mask. but mnths inna'da pandemic, a № of new studies ‘ve shown that simple t-shirts or bandanas mite not be the most effective face coverings to reduce spread.

these are somd' masks that i nother wired staff members ‘ve used and recommend. i’ve also highlited sustainable options, ones from diverse and lil manufacturers, swell as companies donating to worthy causes. try a few and stay safe! and remember to keep washing yr hands regularly, staying at home when possible, and maintaining at least a 6-ft distance from others in public (preferably outdoors).

how we cogitate masks

make sure any mask you wear adheres to the recommended cdc guidelines. a good mask ‘d completely cover yr nose and mouth, use at least two fabric layers, and be washable without damage. when evaluating masks, we actually wear them n'our everydy lives. i also used the lite test na candle test. for the most efficacy, a mask’s weave ‘d be tite enough to not allo lite to show through, and thick enough to prevent you from bloing out a candle while you’re wearing it.

we’ve included some tips on mask care and choosing the best kind of mask straps atta end of this list. be sure to check out our best face masks for kids guide and how to prevent and treat mascne.

updated dec 2020: we removed and demoted older picks and added a few + masks we like. wolso' included + information on mask accessories.

our picks

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