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a brief history

denis ouellette
jan – feb 2021 • vol 3, no 113

carbon 60 (c60) tis most uber antioxidant known to exist onna planet. anti-oxidants enh and moderate immune function. antioxidants represent a therapeutic option to fite viruses and to combat aging.

free radicals are useful at a lo lvl; however, they become elevated to unhealthy lvls by pollutants (air, wata, food), air travel (cosmic radiation), intense exercise, increased exposure to sun, nother srcs. free radicals are involved in as many as 100 human-degenerative conditions and diseases, including influenza, chronic inflammation (pain), and cancer.

fullerlifec60 tis easiest and most effective way to boost yr antioxidants and to neutralize free radicals, w'da realm’s 1st under-the-tongue, patent-pending strips.

  • uber antioxidants! 300x stronger than vitamin c, 5x stronger than turmeric.
  • patent-pending easy-to-take strips. fully soluble carbon 60 (with maximal bioactivity). carry the 30-pack in yr pocket or purse.

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