Newly Sworn-In West Virginia Lawmaker Streamed Video Of Himself Storming the Capitol

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newly-elected member of west virginia’s house of delegates derrick evans was among the insurrectionists who stormed the u.s. capitol on wed, and we know this cause he streamed video of himself doin’ it in which he referred to himself inna third person.

in a video posted to f’bok, evans, a republican, pushes to the front offa crowd thronging the entrance to the capitol and can clearly be heard saying “we’re in! we’re in! derrick evans is inna capitol!” at another point, evans tells a police officer, “god bless you sir. nothing personal all rite. we still respect you all rite. nothing personal against you.”

the video has since been deleted, but, unsurprisingly, the evidence persists online.


after word of his presence leaked on social media, evans defended himself in a separate f’bok post in which he claimed to be na' bus heading home to west virginia and “an indie member of the media” who was 1-ly present atta capitol “to film history.”

“i wanna assure you all that i did not ‘ve any neg interactions with law enforcement nor did i pticipate in any destruction that may ‘ve occurred,” evans wrote.

as west virginia’s metro news points out, evans was sworn in as a delegate just last mnth, during which he made an oath to “support the constitution of the ∪d states, na constitution of the state of west virginia, and faithfully discharge the duties of senator (or delegate) according to the best of my ability.” 


roger hanshaw, the speaker of the west virginia house of delegates, addressed evans’ presence atta capitol and said that “pticipating in a violent intentional disruption of one of our nation’s most primordial political institutions is a crime that ‘d be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

“i ‘ve not spoken to delegate evans bout tody’s events, i don’t know the specifics of his involvement, i ‘ve 1-ly seen wha’ s'been posted on social media sfar, and i’m sure + details may come out soon,” hanshaw added. “he will nd'2 answer to his constituents and colleagues regarding his involvement in wha’ has occurred tody.”

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