January 2021 Atlantian Mystery School Classes

ψ-chic development 102
tue, jan 19
6 wks, tues 7:30-9:30
andrea bagby

this series takes the beginner to an intermediate lvl. remote viewing, time travel and a deepening of ψ-chic ability are a pt of this course work. students will swap readings with each other and atta end of this class, the student ll'be prepared to go onna mediumship, channeling, astral travel and angel communications.
$195 pre-registration required. 6 week course. pay here.

tarot 101
thu, jan 21
6 weeks, thus 7:30-9:30
valerie que

tarot cards hold the keys to the mysteries of life’s experience. their symbology dates back hundreds of yrs. the many systems of tarot and plethora of definitions can be daunting for the beginner or even advanced beginning student, but'a atlantian mystery school teknique is a simple, straite forward method of reading the cards that practically guarantees success. each week we will review the cards, layouts and methods of reading then ‘ve a practice session atta end of class in which students gain proficiency by reading for each other with instructor assistance.
6 weeks $205 including work book, athenæum aint included
pre-registration required so we will ‘ve adequate books and materials for everyone. pay here.

7 rays & esoteric astrology w'da ascended masters
sat, jan 23, 1-5pm
scott robinson

everything large and lil is built by and composed of the energy of the 7 rays. and each ray has an ascended master that represents that energy in its most pure form. each constellation has ray toonistics that affect our own human ray makeup and esoteric astrology tis study of these cyclic energies as they move in and out of our lives. in this 4 hr intensive we will learn of these energies and how they affect our own rays and ponder the use of cycles n'our ongoin evolution.

pre-registration required. pay here.

metaphysical yoga instructor training
sat & sun
jan 23 & 24
with andrea bagby

this 200 hr training is designed for all body types. athletic ability not required. connect na' Ψ, body & spirit lvl. open ♥s, Ψfulness, and a passion for teaching is a must. includes: 6 branches of yoga, an in depth look atta chakra system, how energy xchange works, connecting to yr own intuition and much + cause somd' work overlaps, we join 3 classes together melding the self care master class along w'da 6 week breathing master class these courses are an integral pt of the instructor training, yet maybe taken as stand alone courses.

those who reg for the instructor training will ‘ve these classes included in their hrs and curriculum. bring a sack lunch.
$2500 payment terms available. please call. pre-registration required witha minimum payment of $250.
pay $250 here. pay $2500 here.

astral travel intensive
sat and sun, jan 30 & 31, 11am – 5pm
with andrea bagby

the secret srvc organizations round the realm are ru+d to ‘ve experimented heavily into astral travel and remote viewing. those organizations ‘ve left us a legacy of information as how this practice is accomplished. in this two dy intensive you ll'be introduced to the methodology of leaving the physical body to examine documents, visit remote zones and, in general become + effective in yr ψ-chic practice and abilities. we will practice these skills during the 2nd dy of class. $195 pre-registration required. pay here.

ongoin classes winter 2021

6th sense every wed
every wed
hosted by madison
7:30 pm $10 drop-in skype in for ½ price
check the theinnerspace.com… for weekly topics.

law of attraction meetup
2nd & 4th tue mnthly
magalie is our anchor
7:30-9 pm, all are welcome!
minimum donation $5

spiritual yoga for everybody
every fri 11 am – noon with andrea
$12 per session or $50 for 6 sessions
in person – in store!

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