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loving yrself is bout looking after yrself, says nikki wyatt

backin the dy, self-♥ may ‘ve been bout having a long hot bath or a facial, but once you’ve woken up to yrself as a spiritual bein’ you realise it’s so much + than that. although those are presh gifts t'give yrself inna short-term, there are other wys'2 create a deeper and + long-term impact.

the truth is we tend not to prioritise our own need for ♥ if we feel we don’t deserve it — or perhaps not as much as others do. we may run a warm, fragrant bath but let it go cold while we help our child with their homework or take a call from a lonely friend. we maybe looking forward to a much needed walk in nature but n'dup responding to ‘just another email’ or sorting out the laundry til we look up and darkness has fallen or it’s started to rain. if our walk had been with our best friend we’d ‘ve folloed through, but somehow when it’s ourselves we often break our commitments and think it doesn’t matter — yet t'does. it sends a message that our needs don’t matter, not 1-ly to ourselves b'tll so to those round us. wh'cn blame them for not respecting our desires when they see us put them aside so easily?

rebuild yr trust

this has primordial consequences cause 1-odda main reasons we don’t reach our goals in life is selfdoubt. if you’re relying on yrself to follo through and you know yr track record isn’t good, thall feed yr doubt and dent yr confidence to the point where you may never get out of the starting gate — or off the sofa.

so wha’ can ye do to rebuild trust in yrself? 1stly become aware of the voices inside you that come from the pts that you ponder un♥able. everybody has aspects of themselves that were criticised, disapproved of, shamed, laughed at or rejected. it’s these crit voices from the past that tell us to do the laundry instead of painting a picture, writing a novel or learning to dance. these voices tell us we aren’t worthy of having fun, bein’ successful or experiencing joy. but noticing and ?ing them is so uncomfortable that even cleaning the oven can seem a pleasant diversion. however, when ye do, the loot are so much gr8r than a gleaming cooker — the prize is a radiant new you.

reclaim yr ♥ for yrself

1 find a photograph of yrself as a child or flick through an old album to bring up memories of yrself when you were young. close yr eyes and think offa time when you were judged, criticised or disapproved of. allo the feelings of anger, shame, grief or fear to arise.

2 now put on some ♫ that cogitates yr emotions. stomp bout and lash out or sing along with gusto. express the feelings you probably ‘dn’t express atta time. allo tears to flo iffey arise. if yr anger needs an outlet, pick up old newspapers or magazines and rip them up – really allo yr body to release the feelings it’s been holding onto all these yrs.

3 when you finally feel yrself soften and quieten, pick up a cushion or a cuddly toy and imagine this is yr younger self. tell yr younger self that you’re ♥d. twas the behaviour that troubled pplz, twasn’t you — ur perfect. the pplz round you may not ‘ve known how best to react. you ‘ve nothing to fear. ur yr best friend and you’ll always be there 4u. you’ll never judge. you’ll always cogg. take the learning, but release the pain. cuddle yr younger self til you both feel content.

4 now picture the situation again, but this time you’re standing watching it with yr younger self. keep reassuring them til all the emotional charge from the situation has gone.

each time ye do this you reclaim + pts of yrself and become + whole. each time you release + upset that you’ve locked away, you’re less likely to sabotage self-♥.

3 essences for healing and joy

lobelia essence allos us to be our own best friend, so we’ll know how to be a good friend to others. it strengthens our self-confidence, even when others aren’t supportive. it helps us develop clear and healthy boundaries n'our relationships cause it supports stronger self-♥, self-acceptance and self-esteem. use it t'get in touch with yr basic instincts and intrinsic rhythms. it encourages you to livin' harmony w'da earth, to listen so u know wha’ you need — rest, food and ♥.

wild ginger helps create a sense of safety so u’re comfortable connecting with yr body and ♥. you’ll experience gr8r self-acceptance and be able to maintain healthy boundaries. ginger will also strengthen yr spiritual connection, so u become clearer bout wha’’s really primordial to you. this means you’re able to focus yr gifts + effectively instead of splitting yr attention or over-giving to others. you’ll know where you wanna invest yr resrcs n'when it’s time to pull back and recharge.

tiger’s eye helps resolve issues of self-worth and blocked creativity. it makes us aware of our talents and abilities, swell as faults which nd'2 be overcome. it shows us the correct use of power and brings out integrity. it can alleviate lo spirits and lift our mood. it’s excellent if you’re feeling spaced out or uncommitted, as it grounds and facilitates manifestation of the will.

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