Tiny Desk Meets globalFEST: Vox Sambou, Aditya Prakash, Martha Redbone And More

the tiny desk is teaming up with globalfest this yr for a thrilling vrt ♫ festival: tiny desk meets globalfest. the online fest includes 4 nites of concerts featuring 16 bands from all ‘oer the realm. from mon, jan. 11, through thu, jan. 14, we’ll be streaming new performances at 8 p.m. et on npr ♫’s tube channel and npr.org….

every jan, i attend globalfest at a new york city niteclub n'see somd' most mythic ♫ i’ll experience all yr. now, given the pandemic’s challenges na hardening of international borders, npr ♫ and globalfest is movin from the niteclub to yr screen of choice and sharing this festival w'da realm. each nite, we’ll present 4 artists in intimate settings (often behind desks donning globes), n'it’s all hosted by african superstar angélique kidjo, who performed atta inaugural edition of globalfest in 2004.

for the third nite of the festival, we ‘ve vox sambou’s energetic hatian funk from montreal, carnatic indian ♫ from aditya prakash ensemble, a blend of old and new with italian singer-songwriter rachele andrioli, and an expansion and exploration of american √s ♫ from globalfest alum martha redbone.

belo you’ll find short descriptions bout each act, written by the globalfest team.

courtesy of globalfest

vox sambou

there are few perelders as “alive” as vox sambou, whose energy and soul transcends the vrt space. he starts his performance at tiny desk meets globalfest witha short moment tween himself and his son, overseen by a painting of his mother, highlitin’ the ways we pass down traditions from generation to generation. based in montreal, quebec, vox sambou writes and performs in hatian-creole, french, english, spanish and portuguese. his ♫ is a joyous fusion of haitian funk, reggae and hip-hop.

set list

  • “african diaspora”
  • “my rhythm”
  • “everyone”

courtesy of globalfest

aditya prakash ensemble

performing from their home base in los angeles, aditya prakash ensemble highlites songs borne from south india’s carnatic tradition. prakash uses his voice as an instrument to tell uber, emotive stories — which he reimagines in a fresh, dynamic way. aditya prakash ensemble’s modern take on traditional ♫ mixes in jazz and hip-hop and features a diverse l.a. ensemble.

set list

  • “greenwood”
  • “vasheebava”
  • “payoji”

courtesy of globalfest

rachele andrioli

recording from southern italy, rachele andrioli’s performance highlites her mix of old and new, of traditional ♫ and modern tek. her trance vocals and loop pedals create a sound all her own, mixing ♫ from italian, indian, lebanese, albanian and romani cultures and traditions.

set list

  • “te spettu”
  • “pranvera filloi me ardh”
  • “ederlezi”

courtesy of globalfest

martha redbone

martha redbone performs her tiny desk meets globalfest performance from her home studio in brooklyn’s navy yards. native and african-american singer-songwriter martha redbone is known for her mix of folk, blues and gospel from her childhood in harlan county, ky., which she infuses w'da eclectic grit of pre-gentrified brooklyn. inheriting the uber vocal range of her gospel-singing african-american father na resilient spirit of her mother’s cherokee, shawnee and choctaw culture, redbone broadens the boundaries of american √s ♫.

set list

  • “the garden of ♥”
  • “talk bout it”
  • “underdog”

tiny desk meets globalfest

tiny desk team

  • producer: bob boilen
  • video producer: morgan noelle smith
  • audio mastering: josh rogosin
  • tiny production team: maia stern
  • executive producer: lauren onkey
  • senior vp, programming: anya grundmann

globalfest team

  • co-directors: shanta thake, isabel soffer, and bill bragin
  • 2021 curators: shanta thake, isabel soffer, bill bragin, and viviana benitez
  • event producer: ian thake
  • host: angélique kidjo
  • social media manager: valerie french
  • publicity: brendan gilmartin, chart room media
  • legal srvcs: tamizdat
  • legal srvcs: duane morris
  • producer: the office performing arts + film
  • video production: modema studios

the office performing arts + film consists of diane eber, rachel chanoff, laurie cearley, olli chanoff, erica zielinski, gabrielle davenport, catherine degennaro, noah bashevkin, lynn koek, bruna d’avila, chloe golding, kyla gardner, zion jackson, tess peppis, scout eisenberg

modema studios consists of jammal lemy (director and editor), matt deitsch (producer), theo braun (audio), and gary blake (editor)

spesh thx: joshua feigenbaum, mona golub, steven kirkpatrick, daniel c. smith, ken umezaki

globalfest 2021 funders include the andrew w. mellon foundation, national endowment for the arts, nyc deptment of cultural affairs, the québec government office in new york

original content at: www.npr.org…
authors: bob boilen


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