3 signs that showed Anthony Scaramucci Bitcoin was ready for institutional investment


last week we welcomed anthony scaramucci, founder of skybridge capital and elder white house communications director, onna blockchn.com… podcast. while discussing his odyssey to btc, he revealed that he had been watching btc for some time, w8in for a few signs b4 gettin inna'da game himself.

he learned bout btc backin 2014 and vowed t'get in once these 3 conditions were met:

  1. 100 million usrs realmwide. to scaramucci, this lvl indicates that btc’s community grew to the point where it becomes feasible that 'twill one dy be a broadly accepted form of tender. where are we at tody? he estimates that the № is now round 150 million usrs.
  2. government acceptance. regulators round the realm ‘ve made moves to pull btc and crpcurrencies under existing frameworks that government mny transmission nother financial activities. they’ve also begun actively investing in tax guidance and enforcement. to scaramucci, this is a good thing cause these actions suggest that thris less appetite for an outrite ban on these teks. the growing body of regulatory guidance shows how crp$ can exist within the system in a compliant way.
  3. institutional-grade storage. scaramucci knew that the custody landscape had to evolve beyond the point where pplz were still losing btc on old phones, etc. for him, fidelity’s entrance inna'da custody space was the final piece of the puzzle.

all 3 of these factors ‘ve been met, espeshly ‘oer the last yr. that’s why scaramucci felt twas time t'get skybridge capital off the sidelines. these conditions together show a new kind of stability in btc twas' not so obvious in previous mkt cycles. 3 of the biggest ?s now ‘ve clear answers.

you can listen to the whole podcast here. the section we reference above begins at round the 6 minute mark.

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