2021 Bitcoin Investment Research Report

btc, the decentralized digital $, was established on jan 3, 2009 by satoshi nakamoto, the pseudonymous developer(s) who pieced together its original src code. satoshi mined the very 1st btc block and received 50 btc for the work. after that, the decentralized crp$ network was born, n'it ‘d begin to grow and spread throughout the realm like a virus.

btc’s price has surmounted a wall of worry since this 2009 origin. it went from few pplz thinking t'has val, to millions of pplz round the realm buying and saving btc, including somd' realm’s top investors like bill miller, paul tudor jones, stanley druckenmiller and larry fink. and 1-odda + fascinating things behind the rise of btc is its organic nature. btc has no ceo, no centralized organization and no mkt deptment, yet t'has still become a multi-hundred-billion-usd asset. the objective of mimesis capital’s “2021 btc investment research reprt” is to dive into why btc was the best performing asset of the last decade, and provide an outlook for 2021.

inna mimesis capital btc investment research reprt for 2021, we cover btc’s repeated parabolic price history, why btc has val, 3 key exponential network effects, the stock-to-flo scarcity pricing model, its potential long-term opportunity, our outlook for 2021, the idea of “escape velocity” and +. it aims to be the ultimate modern guide on btc, designed to provide unique, data-driven insites that support the inevitable adoption of btc as the realm’s gr8est form of mny. our research is specifically written for family offices, institutional investors and corporations looking to adopt btc as their treasury reserve asset, b'we're publicly publishing this research for all individuals.

who are we? mimesis capital is a family office that focuses on wealth preservation through btc, equity investment and investment-grade art.

as a firm, we liv'dat btc has ignited a generational wealth transfer. btc is a system capable of storing monetized energy without dilution. tis a revolutionary discovery offa new digital good that has the unique properties of bein’ scrace, durable, divisible, transactable, portable and fungible, all in a decentralized manner. we liv'dat mimesis capital has recognized the implications of the discovery of btc b4 the realm at large, and we're capitalizing on this pivotal transition.

based on our research and unique perspective, we liv'dat btc tis pristine primary treasury reserve asset. in addition, we think btc can serve as our investment benchmark and unit of account. the rest of the realm is trying to accumul8 + usds, while we're trying to accumul8 + btc. dive into our publicly-available “2021 btc investment research reprt” to cogg our thought process, p into how we came to the conclusion that btc tis realm’s best monetary good and access data-driven insites that support our analysis.

access the full “btc investment research reprt for 2021.”

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authors: mimesis capital


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