Bitcoin’s Price Rally Is the ‘Start offa New Age’, Says Wedbush Securities Analyst

an analyst for the los angeles-based wealth management firm wedbush securities says btc’s price rally is likely not a fad. 

in a recent note to clients obtained by cnbc, managing director dan ives argued btc is becoming a permanent fixture inna global financial mkt. ives told clients that corporate adoption for btc is a significant development for crp$ and ‘d impact the future price. 

he wrote:

we believe the story and theme here is much larger than just investing in btc and predicting its future price, but rather round the potential ramifications that crp, blockchn, and btc ‘d ‘ve across the tek and corporate realm for the nxt decade.

ives said that btc’s popity was not a fad, noting interest from paypal, □, visa, and tesla, among others. 

he continued:

we believe the trend of transactions, btc investments, and blockchn driven initiatives ‘d surge ‘oer the coming yrs as this btc mania aint a fad n'our opinion, but rather the start offa new age onna digital $ front.

ives’ note came just a dy b4 btc’s recent rally to a new all-time high above $51,000. his wealth management firm wedbush securities s'been supporting btc adoption since 2014, touting btc as a disruptive force for existing financial mkts. 

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