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iconic 1980s polysynth now available as a legendary series plug-in through roland cloud

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los angeles, ca, feb 16, 2021 — roland announces the juno-60 software synthesizer, the l8st addition to the legendary series of software-based roland instruments available through roland cloud. the original roland juno-60 hardware synth helped define the sound of ’80s ♫ and is still highly prized fritz vintage vibe and unmistakable toon. w'da juno-60 software synthesizer, the authentic experience of this primordial keyboard is now available as a modern software instrument for mac and windows daws.

released in 1982, the juno-60 was among the earliest models in roland’s iconic juno series, and is an all-time favorite for many synth aficionados. witha winning formula offa single dco, fat sub-oscillator, and toonful vcf—+ a massive swirling chorus effect—the instrument has found its way onto innumerable tracks through the yrs. powered by roland’s proprietary analog circuit behavior (acb) tek, the software version recreates the sonic experience and approachable architecture of the juno-60 in startling detail, alloing usrs to craft rich, inspiring sounds with lil effort.

the juno-60 software synthesizer fully captures the original’s balanced magic—including the odd quirks and charming limitations—and enhs it with useful modern additions. the filter s'been modeled to perfection, and usrs ‘ve the ability to switch to the hpf circuit of the nxt-generation juno-106 and its toonistic bass bump. the oscillator range has also been extended, and there’s a 2nd envelope for extra flexibility. polyphony s'been expanded to 8 notes, w'da option to limit it to the original’s 6 (or less) for an old-school vibe.

a huge pt of the juno-60 sound is its lush chorus circuit. like the original, the software version has two push-button chorus modes, + a third “secret” mode accessed by pressing both buttons at once. taking things further, there’s an additional chorus option w'da sound of the vintage boss ce-1 pedal, along witha selection of reverb, delay, flanger, and overdrive effects.

the juno-60 software synthesizer is vst3, au, and aax compatible nolso supports roland’s plug-out format for computer-free operation w'da system-8 hardware synth. and for daw-focused workflos, it’s possible to use the system-8 or a roland boutique ju-06/ju-06a for one-to-one, hands-on control of the juno-60 plug-in.

the juno-60 software synthesizer is just the l8st member of roland cloud’s legendary series, which includes plug-in versions of other roland classics like the juno-106, jupiter-8, tr-808, tr-909, d-50, and +. legendary titles are available w'da ultimate membership lvl of roland cloud. all paid lvls – including core and pro – start witha free 30-dy trial of ultimate, alloing usrs to try out the juno-60 and all ultimate features. in addition, any roland account holder can purchase lifetime keys for individual legendary series titles. this provides unlimited access for as long as their account is active, even iffey don’t ‘ve a roland cloud membership.

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