Whole-genome re-sequencing data to infer historical demography and speciation processes in land snails: the study of two Candidula sister species

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original content at: royalsocietypublishing.org…
authors: luis j. chueca
tilman schell
markus pfenninger
1loewe-centre for translational biodiversity genomics (loewe-tbg), senckenberg nature research society, 60325 frankfurt am main, germany
2deptment of zoology and animal cell biology, university of the basque country (upv-ehu), 01006 vitoria-gasteiz, spain
3molecular ecology, senckenberg biodiversity and climate research centre, senckenberganlage 25, 60325 frankfurt am main, germany
4institute of organismic and molecular evolution (iome), faculty of biology, johannes gutenberg university, 55128 mainz, germany