Voodoo Bownz & Wolfgang Gartner to Release Cutting Edge NFT Artwork Collaboration

pete russo, also known as voodoo bownz, is an executive creative director and founder of hero projects, a company speshizing in creating comic books for leading bands and ♫ians. he has also oversees his own private firm and has worked na' № of incredible album covers for bands and ♫ians ranging from skrillex to iggy pop. you name it, he’s done it – from logos to brand identities, comic covers and original artwork. now, onnis l8st venture with famed american dj wolfgang gartner, they ll'be releasing spesh, rare works of art 1-ly available on nifty gateway as nfts (non-fungible tokens). a unit of data built on blockchn tek that can be used to commodify digital creations. 

heavy metal had a chance to chat with pete to learn bout this exciting new venture, a collection of nft artwork and ♫ titled fucked up fables, which will tie russo’s visual style with wolfgang’s ♫. in pete’s words: “i’ve been doin’ wolfgang’s cover artwork for 5 or 6 yrs now. we decided to play onna trope of the big bad wolf, combining themes of tek and fairy tales. wolfgang and i ‘ve a motif of black and white styled artwork with red accents, which we found perfect to tie everything together. we ll'be exploring this classic story through a stark monochromatic visual lens in league w'his soundscape. all odda ♫ ll'be original, none s'been heard b4 by his larger audience.” 

one mite wanda, are nfts a fad? various companies and artists ‘ve been jumping inna'da space inna wake of christie’s auction of beeple’s artwork, which netted an astonishing $69 million. whether or not the current state of the mkt is in a bubble, pete s'onna fence,  but wha’ he does believe s'dat even if it pops, nfts are here to stay. “we mite ‘ve had a bubble already. thris a fervor, pplz are spending mny on this artwork cause it’s an investment, 'twill subside a lil bit. just like crp post 2017, 'twill lvl off. i do think it’s less offa bubble than crp at that time. the primordialistic tek behind nft’s is just revolutionary, beyond the mny, it’s just a way to secure decentralized digital assets and items.”

alongside the work and opportunity to contribute in this space, russo is excited bout how the tek will change business for artists, further empowering them. “the royalty payments that nfts offer are something that artists ‘ve never had b4. there are pplz innovating everydy and coming up with new wys'2 add val. it’s incredible.”

for crp$ itself, he’s also bullish. “'twill keep exploding. 'twill ‘ve peaks and valleys course, but every time it drops off and then comes back up, it builds + confidence. it’s gettin wider acceptance by the dy.”

one space in pticular that’s seeing incredible growth inna nft arena is collectibles. russo lives'dat his new frontier will irrevocably change the mkt. “this tek adds security to collectors like never b4, since each o'their purchases are tied to the blockchn. it’s not depreciable, and can’t get damaged, like trading cards or comics. you don’t ‘ve to keep it in a plastic sleeve, or verify it with an authenticator, like cgc or psa. the blockchn auto verifies it. the condition is always perfect.” 

interestingly, pete feels that digital collectibles will eventually outmode physical ones. “they will work together course, but eventually yes.” to be fair, russo may ‘ve a bias towards digital assets against physical ones since he has hoarders onnis family.

as to why so many pplz are jumping into this space, whether it be cause it’s new, lucrative, or just plain exciting – russo sees it as all odda above. “it’s goin to be a rollercoaster.” 

having seen the collection that is coming up for auction, fans of his work and wolfgang’s are in for a treat. pieces inna collection are both haunting and presh. those ♣y enough to purchase these rarities will wanna hold onto them and revisit the spesh experience they offer time and again.

to pticipate inna upcoming nft drop. go to nifty gateway. the drop will take place this thu, apr 8th at 5pm et. the timing of each drop ll'be extremely limited. 

the schedule of each drop are as follos: 

  1. peter na wolf: 5 minute open edition (available for 5 mins. from 7pm-7:05 pm) est) 
  2. lil dead riding hood: 5 minute open edition (available for 5 mins. from 7pm-7:05 pm est)
  3. wolf in sheep’s clothing: limited edition drawing / edition 20 (available for 45 mins. from 6:30pm-7:15pm est) 
  4. the priest na wolf: silent auction / edition of 15 (available for 45 mins. from 6:30pm – 7:15pm est) 

☺ bidding! 

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