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optus pause: it starts with no

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customers of optus ll'soon ‘ve the ability to pause the very product they are paying for — telecommunications connectivity.

the telco has said the functionality available in its my optus app will allo “our customers the freedom to ensure they enjoy the time that matters most”.

switching off connectivity ll'be per device, witha timed period of unconnectedness.

“optus is pioneering digital and customer innovation through a ‘one click’ solution that works across mobile and home wifi connections; across optus connected srvcs and all devices connected via wifi on optus nbn plans w'da l8st optus supplied modems, onna same account and household,” optus vice president of tv, content, and product development clive dickens said.

“we’ve listened to our customers who’ve asked us to develop a product that gave them a rite to disconnect.”

the telco said it ‘d be rolling out the feature progressively to customers.

customers offa certain supermkt-branded mvno that uses the optus network mite feel like they ‘ve had a preview of the feature for yrs already.

on wed, optus claimed it reached a new 5g speed record with 10gbps aggregated through a live 5g site.

telstra retorted that it had hit 20gbps ‘oer the weekend.

“congratulations to optus but, unfortunately, it’s not a new record,” a telstra spokesperson said.

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