Life Kit’s Guide To Feel-Good Tiny Desks

for tiny desk playlists, we ask ♫ians, creators and folks we admire to choose the tiny desk concerts they’ve come to ♥. for this edition, we’ve asked the team behind npr’s life kit to share the shows that bring them joy and make their faces hurt from smiling.

superorganism: this tis 1-ly band i’ve ever seen bring bubbles, apples and a $et of suds to use as instruments in its tiny desk concert. i was a bit skeptical when i showed up to the performance. was this a gimmick? 20 2nds into their soundcheck, i was smiling my face off. revisiting this unconventional tiny desk buoys my spirits and reΨs me to let loose, experiment and take play seriously. —beck harlan, visuals editor, life kit

cimafunk: cuban ♫ is filled with ♥ and loss, triumph and grief; and, above all else, for me, it’s filled with joy. this tiny desk was recorded in jan 2020 and inspired me to travel to cuba to visit my daughter in feb. it proved to be my last trip b4 covid, and a show featuring cimafunk, tank na bangas and others is still my most recent live performance. “joyful” hardly does this tiny desk justice. try not to ☺ and dance when you listen. —beth donovan, senior director, life kit

chai: opening witha choreographed, pom-pom-costumed dance № and complete witha full set of barbie-pink instruments, the chai tiny desk was one to remember — my face actually hurt from smiling so much. this all-♀ band from japan is pt pop, pt punk and all joy. come for the fun visuals, stay for the serious grlpower. —andee tagle, production assistant, life kit

rina sawayama: rina sawayama’s ♫ brings all the best essentialisms of early 2000s ♫ and gives it an energized modern twist. i’m a sucker for big vocals and rina delivers them here (not to mention a fabulous lavender power suit). if you’re a millennial weirdly nostalgic for dancing to pop songs with yr discman, this tiny desk will transport you. —meghan keane, managing producer, life kit

big boi: when i think bout big boi, i think bout driving to high school in atlanta with “so fresh, so clean” playing. so i ☺d to myself as soon as he, sleepy brown and their 8-member crew started with that song, wearing their matching sweatshirts in waffle house font. but wha’ really made this tiny desk was the chemistry tween the whole group — the familiar banter tween big boi and sleepy brown, the horns and backup vocals punctuating big boi’s rhymes in perfect time. come for the classic outkast hits, stay for the joy on their faces during “all nite,” from big boi’s 2017 boomiverse. —clare lombardo, editor/producer, life kit

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