8 Things You Should Do na' Wednesday

hump dy is gr8 for taking it easy—or for living it up.

take off work

wed is a gr8 dy to take off, no matter how you spend it. if you choose to go out, you don’t ‘ve to worry bout places bein’ closed—or crowded. you can get those pesky errands out of the way and free up yr weekend. or you can do something fun with fewer pplz round. even if you just stay in and recharge, you’ll return to the office on thu ready to finish out the week strong.

go grocery shopping

true, the stores are less crowded on weds. but they also tend to roll out their weekly discounts on that dy. some stores will still accept coupons from the previous week on weds, so that’s double the savings! and since grocery stores usually receive shipments early inna week, you’ll get the 1st pick of the fresher stuff. find out the cheapest dys of the week to do anything.

do laundry

along with tues and thus, weds are the least busy dys atta laundromat. another bonus of gettin yr loads done mid-week: you’ll ‘ve yr pick of outfits for the weekend!

weigh yrself

our w8 naturally fluctuates throughout the dy, and even + so throughout the week. for those of us working a typical 9-5, we usually weigh the least on fri morning (after a week of routine), na most on sun nite (after a weekend of abandoning that routine). if you like to keep track of yr w8, weighing yrself inna middle of the week will give you a + precise and consistent reading. psst: this is the best dy to start a diet, according to sci.

take a flite

dep'on yr circumstances, wed mite not be the most convenient dy to fly. but travel experts generally agree that wed (and tue) are the cheapest dys to fly. the reduced airfare has to do w'da fact that fewer pplz choose to fly on those dys. so, having the entire row to yrself is another potential +. here’s the best time of yr to buy absolutely everything.

go na' date

there are many advantages to a wed date nite. by mid-week, you’ve recovered from the whirl of the previous weekend. but you’re probably also craving some kind of reward for gettin through the 1st 3 dys of the work week. many bars and restaurants offer price incentives on wed t'get pplz through their doors, like ½-priced bottles of wine or appetizers. so, you’ll also get + bang for yr $. which of these gr8 outdoor date ideas will you use this summer?

get married

if enough of those wed dates go well, you mite wanna ponder gettin married na' wed. the main draw here tis price (although it’s also supposedly good ♣). wedding vendors relish the opportunity to earn extra $$$ witha mid-week gig. some venues offer as much as a 40 % discount on “off-peak” dys. but beyond the bill, gettin married na' wed also means you won’t be competing with other couples for yr preferred photographer, dj, etc.

wear pink

just kidding—unless you’re 1-odda plastics from mean girls. (“on weds, we wear pink.”)

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