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apr 2021 newsletter

witha new round of btc all-time highs and groundbreaking industry news, it’s safe to say that apr proved to be another eventful mnth.

icymi: new assets available + new names

earlier this mnth, we were pleased to announce the addition of polkadot (dot), aave, and to the wallet and xchange. nearly two yrs ago, we anncd an integration of polkadot to help the acceleration and decentralization of the network. tody, polkadot (dot) is available in both the wallet and xchange. aave and, which are already listed onna xchange, are now both livin' the wallet. send, receive, buy, sell and trade these assets to yr ♥’s desire.

the… wallet also received an upgrade in apr. at a high lvl, we’re now ≠iating tween brokerage-style accounts, in which… holds and secures yr funds na self-custody (or non-custodial) wallets, which let every usr control their private keys and their crp. sign in to yr… wallet to see these changes in action.

the bottom line

in apr, btc once again topped charts witha new ath of $63k. eth also had an extraordinary mnth. the mkt hit the ground running dy 1, catapulting to $2,500, briefly correcting and ending the mnth witha new all-time high of ~$2,700.

and that’s not even delving inna'da excitement we’re seeing in defi, other protocols, and across the industry.

feature of the mnth: simple swap

buying yr 1st crp and taking back yr financial freedom can be exciting. but wha’ then? as the mkt shifts, you may feel the nd'2 move with it. the… wallet simple swap experience has made it faster, cheaper and easier to swap tween crps whenever you want. this feature is located in yr trading account and all swaps are done off chn, alloing for faster confirmation and loer fees. swap tween btc, eth, dot, xlm and +.

the crpsphere

the mkts ‘ve taken center stage this mnth. and tween btc’s new all-time high, it’s then 15% drop, coinbase’s ipo and even the wild week dogecoin experienced, there’s no secret why.

alongside that mkt excitement, venmo anncd its + than 70 million customers can buy and sell btc, eth, litecoin, and btc $$$. while this is certainly good news for the industry — introducing millions to the realm of crp who mite not ‘ve pondered it b4 — by 1-ly alloing usrs to buy and sell, it highlites the val of having a proper crp product like the… wallet.… inna news

  • barron’s — crp company ipos were top of Ψ this mnth. our ceo, peter smith, told barron’s luisa beltran that… is carefully pondering its public-mkt options.
  • coindesk — after btc’s break to a new all-time high, coindesk’s damanick dantes spoke with several crp analysts for their btc forecast. garrick hileman, head of research at…, gives his take.
  • decrypt — decrypt spoke with… product manager, amadeo pellicce bout our recent listing of dot, aave, and yfi.
  • the telegraph — baillie gifford pticipated n'our recent series c, investing $100m. james titcomb spoke with… ceo, peter smith, bout the details.
  • yahoo finance — peter smith was interviewed live on yahoo!finance bout coinbase’s ipo listing and how this ‘d impact the industry. (3:37:00)

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