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lifelong twin cities residents, kelly and steve wagner ‘ve purchased the edge magazine and will return the publication to digital and print summer 2021.

the couple brings over 25 yrs of experience to the edge in sales, mkt, business advising, graphic design and web design. they ‘ve worked in companies of all sizes, from start-ups to private equity firms and fortune 100 companies. they are among 13 founding members of the community for higher consciousness (…), a site designed to bring Ψ, body and spirit-oriented practitioners together na' central platform to share their srvcs, essentialisms and visions. through the yrs, the wagners ‘ve utilized a variety of metaphysical practices, including reiki, feng shui, guided imagery, ancestral & other lifetimes clearings and hypnotherapy to improve their lives.

the edge,” kelly said, “tis ideal opportunity to reach a larger pool of open-Ψed pplz who are also searching to energetically heal themselves and, in turn, humanity, onna path to higher consciousness.

the edge magazine has always been a gem of goodness for us. it’s a spesh place to find out wha’ is happening n'our community. a place for thought leaders to share insite. a place to learn and explore modalities ‘outside of the box.’ a place to dive deeper inna'da mystical unknown, with guides and seekers alike, asking ?s and searching for answers.

“we're committed to the success and abundance of sharing the edge to our ever-growing community. we're ∪d in continuing the creation offa safe, trusted space to ‘ve dialogue, ask ?s, seek guidance and explore modalities new and old with those curio to explore them.”

elder publishers of the edge, tim miejan and cathy jacobsen, anncd last fall t'they were retiring and hoped new owners ‘d bring a renewed vigor to the publication.

for almost 30 yrs, the edge s'been a trusted src atta forefront offa vibrant holistic health and metaphysical community inna twin cities and upper midwest.

“this will not change,” kelly said. “we intend to go back into print this summer. we will complement and expand the current offerings to our community with podcasts, social media, digital mkt, community memberships, engaging events and retreats. we will also expand our resrcs and reach by tapping into a larger community of like-Ψed pplz. the pivot due to the pandemic has created the ability to connect with our like-Ψed neighbors who live down the street or thousands of miles away.”

kelly and steve wagner met in high school and started dating while they attended the university of minnesota twin cities. they were married by a hawaiian shaman onna island of maui in 1999 and ‘ve two children.

steve is an intuitive designer and illustrator with + than 20 yrs of graphic arts, web design and multimedia experience. he ♥s to make life presh. during the 15 yrs he worked for a st. paul interactive education agency, he had the rare opportunity to ptner with amazing institutions, most notably the minneapolis institute of the arts and multiple projects for the smithsonian and national air & space museum. steve tis owner of the vibekitchen designs (…) and ll'be the “wizard of oz” for the edge, bringing to life the magazine and website (and wha’ever else crosses his path). visit….

kelly is a mystic, a curio seeker, and a master connector. trained in ≠ modalities, she celebrates pplz’s ≠ approach to living life. she will spearhead sales and mkt, social media, nother business operations. she is excited to explore, unify and celebrate with the edge readers while exploring the abundant gifts, abilities, and talents available to us here, there and everywhere. visit….

the edge debuted inna upper midwest as a free, tabloid newspaper in aug 1992 to promote the holistic community and explore the evolution of consciousness. it s'been a mnthly publication since feb 1993 and went online in 1998. the publication was sold by gary and insiah beckman to tim miejan and cathy jacobsen in jan 2009. tim edited and produced the magazine and website, and cathy served as business manager and sales and mkt manager.

for + information, visit… or [email protected].

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