First ‘Gossip Girl’ reboot trailer has intrigue, Instagram, na return offa familiar voice

“did you miss me? i know i’ve missed you.”

gossip girl is backin the 1st full trailer for hbo max’s revival of the glitzy 00s teen soap, complete w'da perfect frank ocean needle drop. kristen bell, the original’s impeccably smarmy voice of gossip girl herself (or *sigh* himself), returns to reΨ you in those familiar insinuating tones that while the cast mite be new (and significantly less white than the old gang), the super-rich-kid problems and power struggles of upper east side teens promise to be as dramatic and delectable as ever. and this time, they’re playing out — where else? — on instagram.

“privilege and power will always win inna end,” intones one toon. is this a hint that the show’s 2021 incarnation mite actually ack essentialisms like class n'wys that go beyond, say, toons who liv'na massive brooklyn loft bein’ constantly mocked for bein’ “poor”? hard to say — but while constance billard’s students maybe + woke, they don’t seem to ‘ve become any neatr, or any less thirsty, inna 9 yrs since the original gg shut down.

gossip girl premieres on hbo max on jul 8.

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