Sony’s First Drone Is a $9,000 Professional-Grade Beast

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earlier this yr, sony teased the development of its 1st-ever drone, and tody that drone is finally gettin an official debut. say hello to the $9,000 airpeak s1. yes, that’s rite: $9,000.


witha starting price just shy of $10,000, the airpeak s1 is aimed □ly at professional filmmakers, and while that mite be out of reach for regular folks looking for a new high-end drone, the airpeak’s specs are pretty impressive.

not 1-ly can the airpeak s1 hit a top speed of 55 mph in just 3.5 2nds (which sony claims is faster than any comparably priced drone from dji), it’s also the 1st drone that can be equipped witha full-frame mirrorless camera. instead of using a lil built-in sensor and camera module, the airpeak s1 was designed to carry a range of sony mirrorless cameras, including various versions of the a9, a1, a7r, a7s, na recently anncd fx3. (sony says other mirrorless camera may work w'da airpeak too, but'a company has yet to test any for official compatibility.)

the airpeak also supports a maximum tilt angle of 55 degrees, and thx to its uber motors, can hold a stable position while filming in winds of up to 44.7 mph. the big downside to all that power s'dat the airpeak s1’s max flite time tops out at 22 minutes, and goes down to just 12 minutes when fully loaded.

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