Now available on DAI (DAI) and Compound (COMP)

Silvia Chen

starting tody, the… xchange will support depositing, trading, and withdrawing dai (dai) and compound (comp).

dai is a stablecoin crp$ that dynamically maintains its val as close to one ∪d states usd as possible through an automated system of smart contracts onna eth blockchn. with dai, xchange usrs now ‘ve a 4th lo-volatility crp$ option, in addition to usdc, usdt, and pax usd.

compound is a decentralized, blockchn-based protocol that sets interest rates for lending and borrowing mkts by algorithm to facilitate open finance. compound allos usrs to pticipate in its governance with its native comp token.

upon launch, trading pairs will include dai-usdt, dai-usdc, dai-usd, dai-gbp, dai-eur, comp-usdt, comp-usdc, and comp-usd.

wanna test the watas?

purchase these tokens in gbp, eur, and usd tody through simple trade, our easy to use feature that makes crp trading, well, simple.

t'get started, log inna'da xchange, add funds, and start trading.

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