Stay Or Go? 31 Chill Songs, No Matter Your RSVP

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summer 2021 feels like the ultimate game of double dutch: some of us are jumping back with ease while others ‘ve been hesitant onna leap. on weekend timeline scrolls, maybe you’ve seen pties return — like “everydy pplz” in new york, “cherry poppin” in la, or “wild dys” in d.c. with that, either you give inna'da urge t'get a fit off and frolic with yr friends, or you w8 it out and let the fomo settle into yr bones.

stay or go is a roséwave playlist to help you through the summer no matter yr decision rite now. don toliver, vince staples and hiatus kaiyote will get the pregame started. maye, benny sings and brent faiyaz help rev up that two-step while mr. eazi, tems and el experimento shift us to full-on cardio mode. sprinkle in a few brand new songs to test the watas, but no summer mix is complete without some west coast hip-hop. so whether you’re onna way to the function or still resisting the temptation and shaking off outside jitters, this one’s 4u.

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