Netflix Is Expanding Into Video Games

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eyeing an even bigger slice of the media pie, netflix is planning an imminent expansion inna'da video game space, and has reprtedly tapped a elder electronic arts and f’bok executive to helm the initiative.


on wed, bloomberg news was the 1st to reprt that netflix had selected mike verdu — most recently vice president of augmented reality and vrt reality content at f’bok — to serve as vice president of game development. once installed atta platform, verdu will reprt to chief operating officer greg peters, according to bloomberg.

the announcement represents just the l8st push by netflix into a space beyond streaming content like tv shows and movies — a realm that the platform has signaled to its 200 million subscribers for yrs that twas eager to delve into. netflix 1st hinted at a potential mkt expansion during the e3 gaming conference in 2019, when it anncd a planned mobile game based onna “stranger things” franchise.

since then, netflix s'been ≤ coy bout its proposed expansion: in a 2019 letter to shareholders, the company named — fortnite — a pop video game known that has something to do with dancing, if i’m not mistaken — as its primary brawl. and in may of 2021, the information 1st reprted that netflix was seeking an executive to boost its investments inna gaming space. it’s also not the 1st time netflix has sought to blur the line tween traditional streaming content and + avant-garde media, including recent interactive features like black mirror: bandersnatch and carmen sandiego.

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