Escape to an abandoned Atlantic island sanatorium w'da grooves of SønDER x Szlag – CDM Create Digital Music

well, a whole lotta the planet rite now is starting another weekend unable to go out safely – so let’s bring the ♫ to you. and where betta tha' some underground ♫ on an atlantic island ruin?

yes, whereas the last decade was marked by videos focusing on crowds, this decade has launched with their absence. but instead of some sweaty brand-friendly hipsters (okay, hey, sure i was in a couple of those) – this time it’s spectacular landscapes. the combined crews of sønder and szlag took cameras and – yes, course, a drone – out to a remote atlantic island. there, the venue was a gorgeously ruined abandoned sanatorium. so, since we all ‘d use some physical and mental health refresh, let’s take it in.

i came this way via kasia gościńska, a berlin-based, polish dj who s'been hyperactive in her focus on connecting with networks and communities. that takes on real dimension in her native poland, where pty culture is pushing back against misogyny and anti-queer violence. accordingly, her freshly launched project “szlag” has an open mission to “cross borders and genres” – but i fully expect it’ll connect a whole lotta pplz. and that started with linking up with another collective.

germany’s sønder is itself an open/decentralized network that says they focus on community and creativity inna pty, + a “cultural space where equity is promoted” – including the relationship to the public and =ity across gender, sxuality, and racial divides. certainly they’ve been an active pt of berlin’s scene as it reboots after this long, long winter – one that recenters somd' artist attention inna process.

i ♥ djs, but course ‘ve to start w'da live performance. fanciful, intelligent, but often sentimental and melodic beats played on computer/apc and tr-8s come our way from the live act just dust.

kasia is doin’ gr8 things seamlessly blending tekno, post-punk, and ebm in a dark, but of-this-moment brew. check out the hÖr set, too, for + offa sense odat (also who the heck downvotes all these videos? stopit!):

also, lukr range s'been a mainstay of berlin’s tekno activity and resident of this crew, so a defining set from her:

i was new to the rest and … it’s fri nite, i’m running out of words (no offense to the artists here for me goin silent). but let’s listen.

so, at least you’re somewhere you’ve got electricity (for the moment) and a screen and sound to check these out on. i hope that brings some pty energy to you. ‘ve a good weekend.

and, honestly, the island isn’t such a bad place…

follo the collectives –……

and if you’re in berlin, this is coming up onna 24th – but wear a mask, course:

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